experience of implementing UNBK

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imageHaiii .. steemian struggling on the same topic that is UNBK! This time I will share my experience during UNBK that lasted 4 days. So before, on Thursday my school held istigosah, we prayed and requested prayer to the Almighty to be given ease in facing the UN later. Finished istigosah, UN card was also distributed as well as the position of sitting during UN and UN schedule. For the first and second day UN I get the morning session, and for the third and fourth day of UN I get the afternoon session. image

Friday-Saturday-Sunday yes I do my usual activity, sleep-study-play hp-exercise about-sleep-eat-learn-play hp-exercise question .. so-so keep going. And .. Jengjeng! Mondays arrived. I admit I sempet deg-degan because the first time UN pake the computer, but yaudahlah bismillah it. Before the UN, we were students who were gathered in the morning session and briefed by teachers and did not forget to pray for convenience. Short story up I climbed up, I sat in the back because of the rules of sitting so.

Once the time has shown the exam time starts, I log in. And click to start test. All of a sudden I felt enormous dances dancing in my stomach. Ugh! I cursed myself why sempet-sempetnya can be dying in a situation like this. No loss of sense, I finally lifted my legs and sat cross-legged on my bench. Luckily, I sat at the back and the supervisor did not go for a walk, so he did not see my fight against the wrong nature call schedule. I look around the UN B.Indonesia .. the answer is similar like all the geez :( I am sad, finally ya I fill with my toxicity. image

After the exam, I went down to the class. But before my class was called to my teacher .. I wondered why I was called? what am I wrong? Dann turned out to be interviewed by one of the online news portals about the implementation of UNBK in my school. But after I check the news out, my name is not there baseball: ", which use is the result of my other friend's interview. But yaudah deh baseball nothing.

The second day of the UN is mathematics .. My goal is to get perfect grades in these subjects. But the target is just a target .. in fact my answer after checking something wrong :( .. added sadly I. And worse again, a moment of examination will be finished .. my belly danced again and again I lifted my feet and sat down crossed: "I do not know why this time UN is not lucky. image

Continue third day .. B. England! I really regretted the UN B. UK this time, why? Because listeningnya messed up. Yet. Time and again the room I got an error for turning the listening section simultaneously, finally my teacher instructed that we must alternate between listening and readingnya. I'm sad because it really fits number 1, I click audio. Usually it's for number 1 that there is a narrative sectionnya direction, uh this is baseball, straight to the matter. And the question is read only once. After that the audio is gone. I panicked. I do not know what to fill in. Finally yaudah .. I click origin aja: "). Fortunately it only applies to the number 1 aja.

Dann the last day is the test of choice mapel, as the students of TKJ majors I want to cry because of the problem .. Okay maybe this is lebay, but this is the fact: ((It is still a problem that I can do .. But yes .. in the end the target gets the value perfect for maple TKJ seems also destroyed /?

I'm really worried .. it's still the UN is now not a determinant of graduation. But tetep aja I tetep anxiety. I hope that my UN results are good. Lesson ya ya ya ya ya class 10 and 11, let's more diligent again learn it. If for example you do not understand image


an excellent school classroom. Thanks to the author for the review.

yes, may be useful for others

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