Time For A New Upvote Game! How Honest Will You Be?

It is time for a little break, to have a little fun and get to know each other bettter. Let's play a little upvote game.

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Never Have I Ever...

The 'Never Have I Ever' game is originally a drinking game and can be played in multiple ways. There's the verbal game, the card game, and these days, you can even play it on your mobile.

But we're not going to do any of that.

How To Play?

The rules are simple, but we are giving them a little twist

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It's up to you how many other comments you upvote, but please give at least 1 comment a small upvote.

IMPORTANT: don't forget to tag two other people to invite them to play. The more, the merrier, right?!


Be Creative, But Realistic

The best way to get upvotes on your comment is by saying something many people haven't done yet. Of course, you could start with 'I have never ever murdered anyone' - but that would take the fun out of the game a little, don't you think?

Think of something real, something some people might have done, and others don't. That way, the upvotes will be spread over multiple comments, which allows everyone to benefit a little from this game.


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Never have I ever bungee jumped before

My invitations go out to @davemccoy and @lynncoyle1.
Maybe I can invite a little more people: What is your "Never have I ever', @doomsdaychassis? I'm really curious, lol.
Come over and play, guys and girls; @beeyou, @bengy, @headchange, johndoer123, @mellofello, @cicisaja, @themanwithnoname, @plushzilla, @tryskele, @abh12345, @rentmoney, @deemarshall, @izaid, @rufruf, @pandasquad, @minimining, @jan23com, @trisquelwhare, @bashadow, @pardinus, @horriblesteemian, @stever82 and all the others...

Never have I ever sky dived before :)

I'm calling over @profanereviews, @themanwithnoname, @glenalbrethsen and @dandays ... never know what you're gonna get from these guys haha

Calling me over for what?

@simplymike aka newbiegames is looking for a little something on this post. That's all you have to do is comment by finishing the sentence "Never have I ever..." and tag a couple more people to get the ball rolling. Check out the comments too...

I’ve seen the first 3 names around here plenty of times, they’re the in crowd, the cool kids, the status quo! Are you sure you meant to group me in there? d.a.n.d.a.y.s. just like that, not an autocorrect issue or anything?

hahaha nice giphy! Listen dude, you're one of the cool kids now. Get used to it :)

I never have tried bungee jumping too.. thank you for the tag😂

Just watching that video makes me know it will never happen for me!

hahaha, @donna-metcalfe. I think the kick you get once you let go of the platform you're standing on must be amazing... 😎

Okay, so you do that and let me know!
At school in swim class they made me dive from the high dive platform - once - to pass the class. No one could ever make me do it again! The 'kick' you mention would be my heart stopping!!

Or maybe the kick from behind to make you hump? Just a thought. 🌚

Ahem, I assume you meant 'jump'? And yes, that would have been the only way!

Pretty sure jump was the intention. This thread just gets funnier all the time.

Nope, no bungee jumping here. I don't dare to try my luck.

Never have I ever gone scuba diving!


I have wanted had my gear and everything to start classes then my mom moves us from Southern CA to Southern IL.

Oh man, you had all the gear and then had to move before using it? What a disappointment that must have been.

My dad liked to scuba dive, there was a place in Baja California he liked to go with his friends and find lobsters and abalone. I was too young. By the time I was old enough he'd moved on to a different hobby. So I've only done a little snorkeling.

I have never ever shown my face on Steemit.
I nominate @bashadow and
@coinsandchains @friendly-fenix @freedomshift @rentmoney

Yaaayyy... now I realised that😂 I don't know how your face look like, but I've seen your "husband" head 😂

Well I don't recall showing that either
I'm just gonna chalk this one up to the language barrier and keep on truckin

hahaha I too have thankfully never seen your husband's head

I've noticed that!! Why is that @headchange? Just a "privacy" thing? or are you wanted worldwide? :)

Yeah right I am an evil villain in real life BOO! @janton swears I am a cyborg robot. Honestly my avoidance of his nosey questions drives him nuts. So I have just been having a merry old time with that.
But just between us I have been using this name and profile pic everywhere for over ten years so the pics are out there.

I really love the @janton story 😁

hahaha I love that you're stringing janton along :) He is easy and fun to tease, I will say that!!

Never have I ever not thanked the bus driver


I am gonna 50% vote for you because I have never ridden a bus you pay for. only school buses that were free.

Well if it's for free

then there is more reason to thank the driver :)

But yeah, I know that alot of people don't ride with busses.

I myself don't use busses that often either.

I have never blessed the rains down in Africa.

oh shite! That's gonna be in my head all day now :)

I was checking in on FB with friends and family since I have a few too many that live in the area being affected by Florence. One of my friends posted a meme that said 'Whoever is blessing the rains down in Africa, Please Stop" I couldn't stop laughing. I know I am demented.

hahaha I'm as demented then. My friend sent me a meme with Florence Henderson's head moving across the ocean to the coastline hahaha it's been in my mind ever since

It's horrible, the aftermath I mean. But like most things horrible in my life, if I don't laugh to somehow cope, I'll go stark raving mad!

I'm the same way. Have to crack a joke to ease the tension.

@horriblesteemian, can you please tag two other people to invite them to this game?

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I have never jumped out of a plane.
Edit: I tag @trumpman and @beeyou

How about a train or an automobile?
Just an excuse to tag two more @donna-metcalfe @niallon11

I have never even been on a train but I have definitely bailed out of a couple moving cars before.

I kind of figured as much. Wonder if @marblely ever had to bail?

Where is the post for this event, haha? There's gotta be a very interesting story leading up to you jumping out of a moving car.

I will make a post in a bit and tag you. They are kinda long stories lol

I hate this game ever since we played for about 5 hours at a music festival and I got killed over it.

Ah well. Let's try again. Never have I ever slept with my best mates sister.....

@eamo @fullcoverbetting

Time to play lads.

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We are only suposed to upvote if we have not done the same thing you have right? Sorry I have nailed most of my friends sisters.

hahahaha LOVE it :)

You're getting an upvote for that, lol

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I have never jumped out of any form of perfectly good transportation LOL

Never have I ever travelled off of North America. 😥

Let's get some new faces @mmunited and @the-witty-waiter

Never have I ever played a game like @Steem-Monsters before.


I haven't either! :) We might be a rarity here though @rentmoney :)

I think you might be correct.

I haven't played a game yet either. Just collected cards, lol

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I have never bought/ rigged an election and still managed to lose.
I nominate @ned and @dan

Hahaha, funny

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Never have I ever played World of Warcraft...

I have to tag @sumatranate and @portugalcoin!!

I have never been to a professional game in any major sport.
I have never had any surgery.
(There's two for you.)
Let's see, I'll tag @enforcer48 and @zanoni

I've also never been to a professional sports game. Large unruly crowds are not for me! High school and college games are a lot more fun to watch!
I've had two surgeries though and I hope you keep that a never-ever thing!

Few days ago, I came across an article here on Steemit which talked about taking "good drugs" and "bad drugs". The article was referring to uppers as good drugs and downers as bad drugs. I smiled and thought, never have I ever done any of those, either good or bad drugs.

How about you @celinavisaez and @janton? What haven't you ever done, maybe yet? And if I may add @trincowski, @blessedsteemer and @steemflow... Come on, join the fun. 😃

I have never read any of Dan Brown's book ever 😊 and I like to ask @macoolette, @rudyardcatling to try this game. Well.. what about you @guchidan and @himalayanwomb?

Really @cicisaja?? No interest or time? I haven't read the last 2 I have so many things on my reading list, that I can't stay caught up and now having to read who know amount of posts a day LOL. His writing is very well thought out and researched. His books are not tossed out like 'I have to publish a book' mentality.

No interest @tryskele😊 even when everybody discuss about the phenomenal Davinci Code, books and film, I didn't read it. Well my sister has his book but never touch it, I don't even know why😔 well.. I still have time to read harry potters for the 30st times😂 but not Dan Brown's and now I have so many things to read on steemit too😊 the direct interaction with the authors is the best option 😉

I am finding that out. I have to go back and start reading @viking-ventures' current series. Looking forward to her next one. Her feature this week @zyzymena is another one I have to go back and catch up. I know I read and comment on about 30 posts a day. I should just comment on each one, but if I'm not crazy about it I just move on.

Darn it - tag me late to the party, why don't you?! lol.
I'm going to post my weekly update in a bit here... (gotta make sure the kids are getting up first...)

No, if you're not crazy about something, don't worry about it - there's too many great posts to comment on instead! (Or leave a comment on how to improve, if it looks within reach.)

Next book starts next week, btw - and it only loosely ties in with the previous books, so a good place to jump in.

I love Dan Brown novels! They are so fast-paced and never give you a chance to be bored! He's also so obviously well-versed in his topics that it makes you wonder how much of it is fact vs fiction.

Well.. I read the review from others too, but still it didn't move me to read his book. Well... perhaps one day when there's no other books to read except his... who knows?

lol - and then you'll know how much you were missing, lol.

Actually, I did the same thing about Game of Thrones. The title was a huge turn-off, but then I discovered a graphic novel and read it through - then picked up the books themselves (more interestingly named as well) - and well, I'm hooked now - and really need to catch up on the DVDs...

😂😂😂 I am someone who doesn't always follow the trend and I think I'll never read it forever. Game of thrones😯 uhmm.. I watched some episodes because A good friend of mine crazy about the serials and always talk about it, but.. nope😂 I didn't join the crowd😂 I was crazy about korean drama before, but after 2 years... I stopped.

I don't tend to trend either, so I have to fall in love with things on my own.
lol - it's okay, we can still be friends!

I have read his books and liked them!

Thanks for the tag. This is cool. 😊

I never done

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Never I have played football in my life thou a big fan of Ronaldo !
@rentmoney @horriblesteemian @headchange
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Never have I ever, in all my years of paying my utility bill on time, to avoid being disconnected from the outside world, not once have I received a notice:

This month is on us!!

Feel free to run the lights, A/C, routers, all of it, leave the windows and kick down the doors - Don’t worry about it because...

This month is on us!!

Bring it @puravidaville. Bring it @sivehead. Bring it @edprivat.

That actually did happen to me once. They had changed up something in the billing structure so I was due a credit. My credit equaled out more than the bill for that month.
It was a month I needed the money too. So double good fortune.

Sadly, can't say this. I've been so broke as to not have been able to pay for electricity and gas. The down part was when the gas bill fiasco happened it was one of the coldest winters in St. Louis. My dryer and my hair dryer were my friends.

I have never sang in public

Thanks for joining, but could you please tag two other people to invite them to this game?

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Nunca tomó, ni buenas ni malas, drogas, no dañaría, mi vida por una probadita, nunca me lanzó, en parapente, me da temor, lanzarme de tanta altura.
Cuéntame, ¿que no has hecho?
@freedomsheft, @trincowski, @fefecolors, @wilins, @leo-lobo-astral, @poyim, @crislau.

I have never driven 160 mph...

However, I was a passenger suped up 300 zx twin turbo where my friend hit a buck 60. In hind sight that may not have been the smartest decision, but it sure was fun!

@sweetjoy, @palikari123 come join the fun.

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