I thought there would be a huge argument and not making up :D He must really be in love with her if he tolerates her addition and I think she knows very well already that she is addicted but doesn't want to admit it yet.

When he started to crack the eggs and was thinking so much I thought already that something will happen and there will be no breakfast :) I have such guy at home :D He means well but he can't keep focused and when he starts doing something else then I can forget about the meal or start doing it myself :D

Your story sounds quite real to me. I wonder how it will develop and if it will become more sci-fi..

It's strange what kind of impact the commercials have on us. I do understand why he doesn't want to do it but still goes for it cause he feels that 'I hate you' becomes little more real than he likes it to be :)

Thank you for reading! It's been a LONG story but very enjoyable and catchy :)

I'm glad you're enjoying it! The sci-fi element is definitely going to build as the story goes along and the "Mind Leap" company comes front and center. Thanks for reading and for commenting!

The dialogue seems real enough. I'm caught off guard with the choice of topics these two talked about. It's really easy to relate that it's believable. The characters had more depth than they were written to be when examined and it's a fun read :D

Wow! This was a riveting read. I love the rampant suffusion of technology into everyday life and the fact that all it really does is exacerbate human anxieties and offer consumerism and more technology as the cure. It's a really well-done composition in which technology becomes self-perpetuating on the backs of the humans who use it.

And your writing style is fantastic. A compelling piece through and through!

I love love this story, girl!!! Its so sweet and beautiful (well, the first chapter), I believe its gonna turn out beautifully!!

With how Theo was cracking those eggs, I was sure that breakfast in bed won't work out😀, and well, it didn't but something better even happened. Seeing the sparkles in her eyes etc. It's amazing ....

This is different from most sci-fi stories I have read, probably because its "love themed"? Well, its even better without too much of the " techy" stuff...

I love love this, or I said that before?😀🤗

I'm glad you liked it! I've always been a little hesitant to write about love/ relationships/ romantic feelings, etc, so I'm glad that it hasn't come off too corny lol. That being said.. I'm not so sure it's going to turn out beautifully per se... Things are about to take a bit of a dark turn... But I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Haha! Well, this turned out beautifully, you probably should do more of this! Oh well, that dark turn, can't we dodge it somehow??🤔

I will love to see how it turns out...

This is a great masterpiece @birddroppings. Great composition, so creative thoughts. The mix of a love story with sci-fi is just so cool. Thank you for giving us a good story.

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