Interesting story to read through and awaited @birddroppings 😉 I'mnot good in english but I enjoy reading yours..

Found your post through @audreybits entry post in the pay it forward contest this week😊 keep steeming!

Thank you @cicisaja, I'm glad you made the effort to read it... I know my posts are really long. And thank you for mentioning that @audreybits gave me a shout out-- I didn't know until I saw your comment!

Interesting story.
I will just say that I find it's easier to read (online) stories when we turn the paragraph indent to a new row... (You can see examples on my page.)

I found you from @audreybits' post for the Pay it Forward Curation Contest for this week. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for commenting Lori! I appreciate the tip on the formatting.. I've been trying both ways and couldn't decide which way I liked better. Nobody had commented with an opinion one way or the other, so I had no idea which way people might prefer. I think I'll stick to the new row way from now on

A vessel? I didn't see that coming when I read the first part. Well, let's see what happens after that...

Theo doesn't seem into the whole mind leap thing, well, it seems like he is slightly getting a bit excited about it too although he still feels forced.

You tread upon the tail of the tiger. You must proceed with extreme caution.

Let's hope everything works out well for Theo because if I Ching is right, it might not be a great one if it goes bad...

Its a great one!

Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you're liking it! Also I just saw that you gave me a shout out on your pay it forward post.. you're the best!

😀 thank you so much...🤗

I can only really echo my thoughts from the previous comment.

My only critique is I would have liked to have seen more of Kathy in the process of selecting her vessel. You get the idea across, with her cycling through many of them, but I think there's an opportunity to dive even deeper into the psychology of her character.

That said, bravo! Another great entry!

Thank you michaias! That's a very fair criticism, and you're definitely right that we're giving a heavy dose of Theo's insecurities without much of an idea what Kathy's might be. Thank you for reading, and even more so for helping me find ways to improve. Glad you're enjoying it so far