Cosmic logbook entry: portals vs. spaceships

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A planet's waxing interaction with exoplanetary races on a galactic scale thanks to transportation systems like that of portals and spaceships is called "Universilisation". But wait, even though you might not yet be aware of it, in terms of utilisation the difference between portals and spaceships is much more explicit than you think. In the following I will try to provide you with some succint and clarified perspective as to the distinct purposes of each, insights and knowledge I exclusively obtained from my own experiences I have had in a deeper brainwave dream state.


On a simplified level portals are quantum gateways lazing together space fabric within one dimension or between several dimensions. The moment we enter a portal our body becomes quantum as well, and when we leave the portal we get back into our 'normal' body density state. Portal travel can be exhausting, because the longer we are in a quantum state with full awareness, the least dense energy state, the more it will wear us out upon returning into our higher density body state. In a sense, this is where we feel the heaviness of our body's energetic density. Depending on the distance to be covered, entering a portal leads us to several portal stations to reach our destiny, since one portal alone might not be designed for straight transportation. Of course, some portals can also be entered with a spaceship.

Personally, I have been using portals a few times in my dream state, and they literally took me quickly through several "portal stations". I don't remember all stations in between, but I know that in one of my portal leaping experiences I briefly ended up in the deep ocean, and from one moment to the other I was in a desert region that instantly reminded me of Nevada. According to some of my own dream intel it will likely take until the 3500 era on this planet that the collective of humanity will become introduced into portals and that scientists will analyse and grasp the physics behind portals.


You might wonder why space ships are necessary in the first place when there are portals making the journey not only much quicker but also less complicated for the user. The answer is simple: exploration.

Portals serve the purpose of swift transportation from A to B yet (most probably) nothing else. Spaceships can be used for strict A to B transfer as well, but this exclusive usage will be among the less common ones. The main purpose behind spaceships is another one: thorough reconnoitering of space and data harvesting about planets across galaxies.


In most cases spaceships are equipped with entire laboratories and analysing centers that take account of planetary physics, biology and geography. But this is just the beginning. Intel gleaned from onboard visits during my dream time divulged to me that more often than one might think, the spaceship functions as a home for its dwellers, who might potentially even spend their entire lifetime onboard. In this event, the spaceship caters for everything the dweller needs: accommodation and food on the one hand, diverse additional amenities and schools tailored to the spaceship on the other.

Exoplanetology with focus on planet Electra

Acquiring knowledge about planetary physics, biology, geography, topped off with a two-week excursion to the planet

prospective students will complete the subject with a written test on the materia learned and will have to hold an on-site oral presentation on a specific topic of their choice

Sounds exciting? I think so, too. Places in the exoplanet class are highly coveted, so make sure you apply in time.

If you are late, don't worry: there are still some places in the interstellar history class in the back section of the spaceship. Their spherical-shaped classroom with walls of glass regularly fascinates students of this subject with marvellous view into outer space. No wonder that teachers of this class often report and complain about students' mental absence...

Ok, I might digress a bit with this one, but you get the gist. Spaceships have a multitude of functionalities, and while travelling is a quintessential part of all these, it is very rarely used for just that. Needless to say, spaceship dwellers can be, but don't have to be, comprised of many different races depending on the planetary inhabitants. On one of my dream visits I ended up on a spaceship with several dwarf species and human-akin beings as dwellers. On that specific ship, so I received, each race had their own housing block adjusted to their unique lifestyles. Living on a spaceship certainly has more diversity in store than a first glimpse reveals.

How about you? Could you imagine living an entire life on a spaceship?

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Nicely written. I am totally able to immerse myself into your world. I would love to explore and go through a portal to visit another planet, maybe fly around, but even if the spaceship had a garden, hydroponics and was equipped with everything, i am not sure if it wouldn't still be artificial? Opposed to spending life on earth, i guess people who have nothing to loose might be up for the adventure.

Mindful contemplation of yours. I envisage the types of spaceships I am referring to in my post as being far more sophisticated than any ideas we can conceive at this time. Definitely not comparable with a human-made rocket astronauts use to fly to the moon. To me that would be much more of a "adventure" in its sense because the awareness that the technology behind that rocket taps the full potential of human developmental capacity would entail some uncomfortability and fear of the unknown. In terms of bringing phytoculture onto the spaceship it would be similar to cultivating a plant terrarium at home but with the potential of greater size capacity and therefore possible walkability.

Ahh, i see. Makes sense. Why would one need hydroponics if one can just put together the molecules as one pleases. I really like picturing this.

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How about you? Could you imagine living an entire life on a spaceship?

no, definitely no. I like the opportunities here on planet earth! Thanks for your imteresting infos. Greeitings Kadna

Earth is indeed an interesting planet with great diversity, especially in terms of flora, fauna and cultures. This makes earth a very adventurous and exciting planet but also a separation-friendly one. In contrast to that, many other inhabited planets in the Universe are much more representing a specific core theme (e.g. technology) on which everything is built upon. In this case there might be less diversity on a global scale but on the other hand more development and enhancements in the specific core theme.

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