Water on Mars

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Liquid water has been founded on Mars. Scientists have believed that water on Mars exists only in form of Ice but
Italian scientists led by Professor Robert Orosey of the University of Bologna have discovery that proved this theory wrong.

Using a special radar that examined the polar ice caps of this planet, they have discovered a 20 km long lake of liquid water under ice. The radar used in this experiment is Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS) and it is located on Mars Express spacecraft, launched in 2003 by the European Space Agency.


MARSIS works by radar penetrating under the surface of Mars and under ice caps, and then measures how radio waves spread and all reflect it back to the spacecraft. The MARSIS goal is to collect data from the soil structure below the surface.

This discovery is very important and it will bring again questions about existence of living organisms at Mars. Scientists believe that water is necessary for living forms and that is why they are looking for the water on the other planets.

My thoughts are little bit different. On Earth, every living organism depends of water because Earth is made 71% of water and it is normal that all living forms during millenniums have evolved into water dependant creatures. This is situation on Earth but that doesn't mean that same thing is necessary everywhere in the Universum. I really believe that there is no chance that only on Earth life exist. There are millions of planets and Universe is totally unexplored so it is very hard for me to believe that nowhere else some life forms exist.

I would like to hear your thoughts about this discovery and do you think that there is life outside of the planet Earth.



I also think the chances are pretty big that there is also some kind of a living creature on a different planet. And I can imagine that this form of life exists without the necessity of water.

Biggest question is if we will still live when they do this discovery?

And for tonight it could be nice to try if you can see Mars. Cause the planet won't be so close to our earth any time soon again.

If this underground lake will so exist, the water should be terribly briny -- a combination of metal, Ca and atomic number 11, that area unit all gift in Martian rocks -- so as to remain liquid. Even so, it's terribly fascinating implications for the chance of life on Mars, as life will exist on similar-type water bodies on Earth.

This detection has solely been created by one instrument, thus it is important to substantiate it before we have a tendency to all get our hopes up. Still, this sounds terribly promising, and it's exciting to consider the chances of what else may well be up there.

Thanks for very nice comment.It is true that only one instrument is responsible for the results but it is good as a start. At least now they know where to look and further research is much more important than confirmation that liquid water exist. It will be very exciting to follow research development...

But if this news is considered to be true, I hope it will be good news for us.

My thoughts are little bit different. On Earth, every living organism depends of water because Earth is made 71% of water and it is normal that all living forms during millenniums have evolved into water dependant creatures. This is situation on Earth but that doesn't mean that same thing is necessary everywhere in the Universum.

As much as you are right that forms of living organisms may develop in some waterless environment, liquid water is a CERTAIN sign of some form of life. If we are talking about magic potions, water is the most magic of all — it is the potion of life. :)

Agree 100% but I just say that it is possible on some other planet that different element is key for living, like water on the Earth...

I understand what you’ve been trying to tell, @cicbar, I’m just explaining why the search for water is so important to the scientists. They are trying to find firm confirmation of extraterrestrial life. Finding water is the most certain confirmation.

True. After this discovery I expect that detective Fox Mulder from XFiles travel to Mars via Elon Musk's spacecraft to deal with extraterrestrials owerthere :-)

Don’t forget Scully, @cicbar, or someone may accuse you of sexism — they both have to deal with extraterrestrials over there! :)))

I guess they together will drown those organisms while they are still small — in front of Musk’s green screen !


Oh my God! You made my day! 😂🤣

Thank you for sharing! Ive been listening alot to Michio Kaku who have done alot of books about the space and mars. Even tough its hard and expensive to get to mars. Its still cheaper to go to mars than doing a hollywood movie about mars.

He also talks about time travel and the String teory wich I find intresting.

That is a massive quantity of nonsense from someone considered a “serious scientist” :(

Yeah this guy has a tendency to drive me right up the wall.

Completely incredible statements, @mtaf. It seems he is much more interested in selling the book then in real science. I will have to dedicate a text to his “science”.

What do you mean is the nonsens here?

Just about everything. Terraforming of Mars cannot be done by satellites that will melt Mars ice caps! Rubbish.

Kaku: “To go to the moon is peace of cake these days…”


“Price of space travel has gone down…”


“Free because it was paid by Elon Musk…”


“Moon rocket from Cape Kanaveral for free…”


“Traffic jam over the Moon…”


You can’t decide which is the worst nonsense, absolutely and completely unworthy of a scientist.

I cant really see why it would be rubbish?

Thanks for sharing interesting video :-)

I believe in the existence of other forms of life on other planets ever since I read my first UFO book, when I was ten. If we haven't seen any aliens by now or other life forms it doesn't mean that they don't exist. The fact that we are water dependent creatures it deosn't mean that the whole universe or universes are created this way. It would be a too dumb Universe to be just us in its wholeness.

Totally agree neighbour :-) Do you remember what was your first UFO book?

Nooo. It was twenty years ago. Nowadays there's youtube full of related videos. It is much easier to get the info.

You are getting old :-)

I realize that every day 😁

Great news, but i'm afraid. If you look what humans do with water on earth, you can Imagine what would they later do on Mars.

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True :-)

If someone believes that life does not exist beyond planet earth, it is a closed mind we are alone in the universe.

Agreed. There is almost no chance that we are alone in the Universe...

@cicbar I thought there might be possibilities of life outside planet...
In the case of mars, some facts till not revealed such as how much percentage of water available on mars.
And on Mars, the Evolution process might be in under process...

It is very possible what you are saying...

Hola amigo interesante descubrimiento, eso le dará más impulso a las investigaciones en Marte. Y pensando en tu reflexión analicemos los hechos; siendo realista y objetivo nuestro planeta rebosa de una gran diversidad de vida. Vida muy compleja porque cuando analizas las más simple célula a la luz de un microscopio, que según los científicos es la unidad biológica se encuentran con una complejidad extraordinaria. Hay diseño en todo lo que vemos, hasta en el más simple copo de nieve, que según un investigador en cuarenta años no encontró uno igual. A qué conclusión lógica nos lleva eso? que forzosamente "hay un diseñador". Así como ese diseñador hizo tanta variedad aquí en la tierra, ¿No es de esperarse que también lo haya hecho en el inmenso universo? De hecho eso se ve con la diversidad de estrellas y otros fenómenos que se han descubierto. Hay millones de sistemas planetarios, entonces seria ilógico pensar que fuéramos los únicos en este vasto universo. Ahora que esté cerca es otra cosa y para colmo el universo sigue expandiéndose lo que dificultará más esa búsqueda. Esa es mi modesta opinión respetando al que piense otra cosa. Un cordial saludo.

Hiciste un gran comentario y estoy de acuerdo con la mayor parte. El diseñador probablemente se hizo completo junto al planeta Tierra, por lo que casi no hay posibilidad de que decidiera crear vida solo en la Tierra :-)

@cicbar.... I believe life exist in other planet other than earth

but it can't be the hottest planet bcoz life can't exist there but am sure life exist in other planet

Nice innovation and initiative

Your post are always informative and educative

#God bless your brain

Nice inform , thanks for your information @cicbar

In addition am also of the opinion that no other planet except earth that life exist

mercury and jupiter are both dangerous for living organisms survival

experiment and finding will continue in which different facts will be observed about the planet and universe

Science and technology are subjected to changes, same as evolution in biology

I only believe earth is the most suitable for life activities to take place among other planet

What a news!!felling thoughtful.:)))

It looks like soon, Elon Musk will succeed in moving our homes to the Mars

Elon Musk is doing great job for science. Who knows what kind of things will be possible in the future...

Water is found on Mars! What a news!!felling thoughtful..

Thanks for the info.
Appreciate the variety, @cicbar!

Excellent news... I like it..your all post

I dunno how I had missed this in other media but man, how super cool!

me gusta ese analisis.
*feliz dia

@cicbar i saw this news few days back.. I appreciate this work from scientists.

Thanks to our scientists. Water itself is life.

Innovative discovery.

Water on Mars wow.

This is a great step in the exploration of the universe. But what if extraterrestrial creatures are so advanced that they don't to the biological elements we know to support life on earth? Will it be a dicvovery or a speculation?

We will see that in the future :-)

Good information........ Thanks

i hope scientists found life on mars also.

Science without religion is a blind. Good post my friend.

Good post!!!

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