Why the Universe is called "The Universe".

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Studying the etymology of words more often than not reveals their true meaning.

However, revealing a words true meaning is frequently as easy as simply glancing at the word.

All we need do, is pick apart the words so that their meaning be derived.

This can often be done by splitting apart the words within the word that combine to make up the word, so that we can look at what each word means separately, and then somehow combine these definitions to create a more broad definition.

In the case of understanding the meaning of the word “Universe”, we must split the word universe into the words “uni” and “verse”, and define them separately before combining them to make one definition.

Consequently, the root word “uni” comes from the word “united”, “unity” or “unified”, and means to be one, or to be one with something or everything.

The word verse, in this case, relates to sound, or the word as described in John 1:1 in the bible.

Thus, it relates to the vibrating energy of all things; sometimes referred to as sound.

In conclusion, the word universe means : The united, vibrating energy field that all things together are comprised of.

In this sense, the universe is essentially the mind of God where God hath birthed itself into all life.

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Conceptually it doesn't follow for me that the mind of God is the same as the expression of God. For example when I dream at night I create a dream world. That world is an expression of my mind but it's not my mind. Case in point when I wake up that dream has ended but my mind still operates. If my mind was the same as my dream, then when my dream ends, my mind would end too. But that doesn't happen which is a good thing for me! So my mind exists independently from my dream. So if the universe is a dream and God is the dreamer, then this dreamer's mind would also exist independently from the dream (the Universe).

In my opinion, the expression of God (all that is) , exists within the mind of God (the universe).

I believe that when the initial first thought (God) expanded into all possibilities through the 'big bang' , it created the "mind of God" as the universe (everything inside that first thought which permeated the void).

God is not the same as the dream; God is the dreamer that has made itself temporaily unaware that it is dreaming. (in my opinion)

God exists independently from space and time while still being immersed in space and time.

It feels closer to truth saying God is independent of time or space, if God brought time and space into existence, that is. The simpliest example is when we dream, we bring new time and space into being, but it's not the same as the time and space we generated that from. We go back to that when we wake up. A part of the reason our dreamscapes are so fleeting is we don't have much awareness in them and of them, so they tend collapse and we either generate new ones or wake up. The fact this dream we call life doesn't collapse but continues and feels "solid" points to the likelihood that the dreamer we're addressing, or God has full and complete awareness. That is awareness of all time, space, and all beings like us that are experiencing it all. So yes God would have to be fully immersed in it to have this awareness but not be of it. So I don't feel it's close to being true that God is unaware or has made himself, herself, itself (whatever we prefer) forgetful. A forgetful God couldn't hold the dream in place even momentarily. But why do that anyway? If it's about learning, wouldn't being fully aware faciliate learning better than not being aware? Anyway that's how I'm reading this now for what it's worth.

Also, here's an interesting concept that underpins the above. All matter needs rules that define it. So we can't have matter without underlying rules - laws of physics etc. We also can't have rules without matter to apply them on. Otherwise they couldn't exist in reality. But of rules and matter only one of these can exist independent of the other. We can have rules that exist in theory (without matter) but we cannot have matter that exists in theory (without rules). So these facts tell us a couple key pieces of knowledge: 1) that before matter could exist rules existed in theory and 2) that in order to have rules existing in theory, there needed to be an equivalently capable awareness to conceive of and hold these rules to govern all matter, time and space in theory.

never thought of the universe in such manner, thanks for the new understanding...

Thats what this brand is about! Emotive content that initiates new perspective or causes you to rethink what you thought you knew. :) Thanks for the positive input !

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Love the topic and its relation to religion. Good article!

Interesting read!! Nice job on your interpretation for the universe :)

Interesting post. Thanks for sharing your insight on what universe means.👍

I call the universe "The Universe" because it is the culturally and socially accepted phonetic combination where I have grown up and currently reside to refer to the big picture. My attempts to refer to it as anything else usually gets odd looks.

On a related note, I can advise against using the phrase "God's Left Testicle" at a Baptist congregation.

But, yea. There are no objects, just one complex system. Space reverberates into knots we call light, light interacts with more light to create matter, matter combines with more matter to make molecules, molecules aggregate to form cells, cells come together to ultimately form brains, and then brains come together to form...

Well, I don't know what comes at the seventh increment of universal novelty, but if we predict what humanity will become on a long enough timeline, I think we'll make something really cool by the time we reach the functional Omega point of linear time...

Nice post though! Its educating.
No doubt, I've learnt something new today about the universe.

Nice post bro..... Your post is really a school for me

There will be no end to the troubles of states, or of humanity itself, till philosophers become kings in this world, or till those we now call kings and rulers really and truly become philosophers, and political power and philosophy thus come into the same hands.

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