What is Neural Network? Simplified.

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Neural Network - a computer system modeled on the human brain and nervous system.

Have you ever wonder how the human brain works? Did you know that Albert Einstein's brain was remove from his head seven and a half hours of his death (ehem.. . gross but for science). Is this because it attracted attention because of Einstein's reputation as one of the foremost geniuses of the 20th century. But now studying how human brain works has lead to a different approach by means of using computers.

What is Neural Network?

A neural network is a system of hardware and/or software patterned after the operation of neurons in the human brain. This neural network is the main technology in Deep Learning especially in working with Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain technology that use in cryptocurrency.

Neural networks are typically organized in layers. Layers are made up of a number of interconnected 'nodes' which contain an 'activation function'. Patterns are presented to the network via the 'input layer', which communicates to one or more 'hidden layers' where the actual processing is done via a system of weighted 'connections'. The hidden layers then link to an 'output layer' where the answer is output at the end node.

For example. In Neural Network we want to know if James is overweight or underweight. First James is our model and the process to know if his over or underweight will run to a neural networks node and it will process the input information like weight, height, body mass and age of James then it will comes the output if James, our model is underweight or overweight. The difference of using a neural network is primarily that you don't need to follow a consecutive order processing of data because it's the machine or the program will verify if the input data will rightly processed and pass to the right node and if the program or machine did not get or can't process the input data to a node it can send back the data to the previous node to assess. So which means that we can have a more reliable output. Also using neural network we can set the output to another neural networks with different nodes and has different processing of data and it will make that our output is right and it will takes only a quite sometime.

Like our human brain we can think of things and decide by our own judgement about the happenings in our surroundings and the computer use neural networks to mimics how our brains works.

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