Thing Of The Day: The Flying Martha Ornithopter

in #science4 years ago

DIY-kit for assembling a wooden bird that can fly.

A mechanical ornithopter is able to fly, like living birds, with the help of swings of wings, which are driven by a rubber motor. The Flying Martha Ornithopter project is a kind of dedication to the last representative of the disappeared species of wandering pigeons.

The frame of the flying toy is made of bamboo, which provides strength while maintaining a small weight. To feather the wings and tail is used mulberry paper, which is traditionally used to create kites. Movable wings are connected by elastic bundles with a rubber motor, which drives the entire structure.

To run The Flying Martha Ornithopter, you need to start the mechanism by making a few turns of the rubber band, then gently toss the bird forward, like a regular paper airplane. By turning the tail, you can specify the direction of motion, then the bird will describe the arc, and not fly straight.

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