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RE: Why I Teach My Kids Only Truth

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The purpose of every parent should be instilling love of others, a wonder of the universe, curiosity... teach their children to be the best selves they can be. My way of doing that is unique, but the point is creating happy, well adjusted adults. When we have a world of happy, well adjusted adults, war will have naturally disappeared.


I agree. Unfortunately, this seems to be a non-reachable future :(

All we can do is the best for our own children, and the future will take care of itself.

It's the dream of every parent to leave a better world for their children than the one they entered themselves. Humanity is rapidly evolving into something different than we were.
I would argue that our generation is almost a different species than our grandparents.

In fact you could take someone from 200 years ago and drop them into modern society and they would probably die within a few weeks. Besides emotionally being unable to cope with the constant onslaught of information, the fact is the critters we carry on us now are far more powerful and evolved than just a few generations ago.

That said, there is a tendency to look at the past through a filter that says "times were just better back then. Things were simpler"

Truth is life was far more complicated. Modern life is much simpler, but we have learned to process information much more efficiently and to sort and filter and sift, much more rapidly. Yet our neural hardware is still physically the same, diet not withstanding.

I think the current generation and our children are the next steps forward to a brand new species. One that has far more control over it's own destiny than we did.

In order ensure that they don't make the mistakes of the past again, it is important to teach them what those mistakes were. Religion is an effective tool for teaching about the mistakes of the past as well as the accomplishments.

This is what we mean when we say the why vs the how.
Science teaches us fundamentally, HOW things work. It doesn't give us any clue at all as to the WHY.
Why implies that there is a reason, a motivation. You cannot have a reason or a motivation coming from a universe that cannot form an intent. The mechanics of the thing are describing HOW, not WHY.

Yet we are capable of forming an intent and we are made of the same stuff the universe is. It makes sense that the universe is capable of intent, at least some subset of it, because here we are.

My word for any being capable of intentionally creating a universe is God.

Great way to put it! You should write a whole article about this.

I agree with @casandrarose! Your comment is worth an article.

What I mean is that you can see the 'why' s a 'why things work'. In this case, the 'why' may be more a 'how' than a 'why'. That is why I was mentioning it is good to end the sentence after the 'how'/'why'.

It may be an effect of my broken English too ;)

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