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RE: Why I Teach My Kids Only Truth

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"People understand exactly in proportion to what effort they pay attention." This was an important line that you used, and naturally, it did make me pay more attention than the rushed skimming I had been doing before.

Thank you for this unique article, for sharing your dual perspective and approach to parenting. I don't have any SP to offer you yet with my vote as I am a new curious user, but I'm glad that I started with your article.

All the best to your children! Please post more about them if you feel so inclined. :)

someone who wished they'd had more of a scientific influence on their Christian school upbringing


So glad this article inspired you! Thanks for your support and vote.
I think I will post my daughter's writings also, the ones about the evolution of helicopters. She's writing it now, and it's quite imaginative.

I can't expect other people or groups to teach my children all I want them to know. Public education will teach them many important things, but if we as parents don't also spend every day teaching supplemental information, our children will become hollow and unfulfilled. Not reach their potentials.

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