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RE: The UMOS: What is Reality Made of?

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Human brain, stores all saw things in low quality, blurry thought visual rendering, consists complex math algorithms but cannot calculate as fast as computer can calculate. That's cons of human brain.

Human can render both 2D and 3D in its mind. But sadly, the rendered images are in low quality. Human also able render 3D more realistic, more polygons than the latest 3D technology. But sadly, even with that capabilities, human cannot use that capabilities to draw better as you draw by looking other drawings nor things as human thought visual rendering cannot render the rendering screen in high res.

There is a man who called "human camera," means his brain can store saw things in high quality and his thought visual rendering better than ordinary human. Here is him :
Source :
His name is Stephen Wiltshire

Human memory weaken from time to time, so that the stored images, stored sounds, stored minds are getting fainter and fainter and sometimes, causes unsure even forget. Did you have feel if you have saw something, after long time, you remember it you saw something you have saw before in your mind fainter than you remember it not long after you saw it? That's one of proof if human's memory getting weaker from time to time.


Thank you for sharing!

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