Russian sleepless experiment

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Can you guess for how much time can a person stay alive without sleeping ???well that’s what the soviet union had in mind…!!!

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Can you even imagine, this is a human being? Alive?

This is what happens if you don’t sleep for 14 consecutive days..

Soviet union started off the Russian sleep experiment as a scientific study and the prisoners were used as a dummy. They were told that they will be sent back to their country if they’d participate in this experiment without sleeping for 20 days…

The first five days were pretty normal for them and they thought that it would be an easy job. They were given food, water in regular intervals and were monitored at every moment ……


things started to sink in and they did see the difference in their body after about 10 days or so …


It was nothing more than torture after that. They sent controlled amount of poisnous gases just to keep them alive.

Scientist observed some serious brain damage. Some were banging their heads into the wall. Some of them screamed so loud that they died by breaking their own vocal tracts…. Amazing huh?

Finally, after 14 days, the prisoners refused their freedom and were forced to end the experiment…

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