Use A Fuel Converter To Transform Water Into Fuel For Your Ride - (Lazar's Gig)

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I saw this video where a lady was filling a rental car's fuel tank with gallons of water.

Now you might have heard me wrong, but yes I did just say that, the girl poured water into the fuel reservoir as a supposed substitute for fuel, thinking that she did something great she actually "F ed up" nice and good. Might as well say she just bought herself a car she didn't intend to buy, but only to rent for the purpose of getting around a big city. And the first question would be why in the "H double Hockey Sticks" would she do such a STUPID thing?

LOL, it had to be because she was a cheap a** customer who didn't have any intention to pay the "tacked" on added fee if you bring the rental car vehicle back to the lender [without a full tank of gas, or at least close to it]. Now this could have been any of the major lenders, you have the obvious one Hertz, or Enterprise Car Rental, and any others I so happen to miss.
So the reason I wanted to shed a little light on this subject, as well as give some key information on how one can "spin" the whole I need gas dynamic narrative. This young lady didn't know any better I'm going to assume, and thought she could cheat the system by NOT having to pay the added fee if she brought the vehicle back with a full tank or close to it, [hence her ingenious notion to believe water was actually ETHANOL..]

However it's probably going to wind up costing her a lot of money for the damage she did to the lender's automobile. And that could run her credit into the ground, and ultimately leaving her thousands of dollars to handle in FEE FINES, and they did say that the vehicle did "STOP" on her when she was on her way taking it back to the rental shop. Yeah.. OUCH, so she had to pay no doubt for any added costs the auto rental outlet would ding her for. Ironically, this deals with the notion of using "‎‎H2O" which of course is two parts hydrogen, and one part oxygen, which gives you what you've been drinking for years now -- water.

Seeing that lady filling the tank up with quite a bit of water got me thinking about this one guy who worked at the Groom Lake Facility Base out in Nevada back in the 80's. A scientist and researcher named Bob Lazar, who has caught a ton of flack (and that was on top of the trouble he had already dug himself into previous while he was employed there as well), for sharing this info with common everyday folk browsing the internet, and these are probably highly creative thinkers, who were looking for a way to save or make some money, off of an ingenious idea. They just need for someone to come along and show them how things work for whatever they're trying to discover more about and learn, making it a new found skill they can utilize when it's all said and done.

I will reveal a system Bob Lazar hashed out in a video he did a long time ago, in that video he breaks down how one can convert their carbon monoxide based exhaust system (needed for gasoline types exhaust systems), can be converted to handle a direct "hydrogen-based exhaust system". This is a MUCH MORE effective solution for burning less fuel, saving some money, and one will NEVER has to worry about accidently.

The Bob Lazar: Hydro Car Invention

So basically it all started after Lazar gets hired as a silent member of a team of scientists, and their Objectives were anything other than standard. Everything was hush-hush and was to stay within the walls of Area S4 [and is also known as Area 51's interior hanger sections which houses some of the more bizarre types of aircrafts many could only to hope to imagine]. Lazar had specific assignments he had to carry out on a routine basis, one of which was to provide maintenance by testing the various aircrafts in the hanger, (which has the appearance of a "saucer-like" vehicle.)

His meets up with a VERY STERN no non-sense type of guy (his name was Dennis Mariani -- which I'm thinking was kind of like his Supervisor over the field test assignments Lazar was going to be working on at Area 51), who'd expect nothing but the best results from Lazar since he got word of his unique talents with aerodynamic engineering. Bob however, was not digging the scene wholeheartedly which was after he was "pushed" to hurry up and finish certain projects, but instead would find himself thinking about other inventions he wanted to push into the spotlight. The only thing to keep him from pursuing the things he liked to do most. One day, he took himself upon his own offer, after deciding that working at the hidden facility base was infringing too much upon his time. It was also an issue when he was forced to resign. And for him and his wife, things would get really scary and dark from there on out.

The reason why Lazar was being targeted was because of the fact that he broke the privacy clause in his employment contract in which he WILLINGLY SIGNED upon his employment at the top secret facility base. He violated the clause by bring his wife and their two friends (I guess they were a close neighbor couple who lived in the neighborhood with them.)

And they were attending an private show of the aerodynamic crafts he was working on at the base. In other words, they were spying on the crafts as they were being flown during a schedule run in the evening / night-time hours which fell typically on a Wednesday Night.

Lazar talked on various radio shows, even a few podcasts as of late, and there's one guy who always seem to be in the same time and place from him, and that guy is George Knapp. Knapp is a well-known radio show host, and is predominately known as a frequent host on Coast To Coast AM, a tell-tale show which talks about uncommon topics others choose to ignore, and the other hosts of the show such as George Noory, would time switch in-between podcast sessions.

Honestly, I don't see why people would choose to ignore "Coast To Coast AM," there's a lot of inside information on a HUGE base of topics, and ideas such as Lazar's hydro / hybrid automobile, pretty much would top the list. Breakthrough info such as that, can change the way you do gas at the pump station... LITERALLY! LOL.

So there's a basic setup after installing the pressure tanks in the back of a vehicle such as the one you see which also happens to be one of Bob's hydro cars. In an interview he shows and tells chiefly about the setup and process itself, the delivery system requirements (or how much "hydrogen" is actually needed when burned off to enable mobilization to drive the car X amount of miles before the next >> tank replenishment interval).

And the idea is based the same way if you were using actual gasoline to fuel the car, this means the intake system will be taking in a hydrogen based element during the "fuel burning process." Both air and fuel serve as key factors that makes this possible. This system is comprised of the air filter, the intake manifold, and either a carburetor or a throttle body along with pressurized fuel injectors depending on the engine.

The interviewer was shocked to see the actual hookup of feeder cables which connects to a larger hose feed which carries the hydrate into directly into the intake manifold, which is where your basic gasoline will run and it's burned off as** 'hydro-fuel**. The interviewer then asks him about the thin black cables which are screwed in on top of each individual tank, and Lazar tells him that they're purpose is to measure the height of the tanks' temperature. And after the interviewer has time to slowly take in some of what Lazar has learned years ago, Lazar makes sure he understands that it's the hydrate element which is heated (this is done by the electric current flow traveling through the small black cables attached to the tanks), released, and finally burned off as hydrogen, as it travels through the main hose attached (which lays it front of the water / hydro convert tanks, to each of the small tanks inside of his car.) The larger extended hose will carry the hydrogen gas mixture, where it's rapidly burned during the fuel process enabling the driver to drive the vehicle.

First off, there is no [substitute for safety], Lazar stands 200% behind the safety of using this method of fuel production for anyone to use. He goes on to point out to the interviewer that these tanks are gunfire proof (meaning that they CANNOT be shot out by penetrating bullets, and NO WORRIES if someone was to be a complete BUTTHEAD as they would throw a lit match at the tanks only to fail miserably as they fizzle away in an instant), they are heat / temp managed -- or the thin black cables connected on top that provide power to the tank's heater inside the tank and gives a temperature readout as well,** the purpose for this setup is to effectively manipulate, and use the hydrate ultimately converting it into hydrogen. And multiple tanks [4 in total] are needed (carrying hydrate within), to provide enough hydrogen flow as it's burned off as a fuel.

NOTE - The correct temperature MUST BE CONSISTANT, in order to get the hydrogen out of the hydrate element. If the heat factor is NOT properly maintained, then it's becomes impossible for the hydrogen to be burned off as fuel.

Lazar is now shown in a lab as he attempts to produce both oxygen and hydrogen from water, which he successfully does using a Hoffman Apparatus. The interviewer is eager to see the process unfold in front of his eyes, and is happening is water literally being converted into gas..

Bob goes on to let the interviewer know that there's a HUGE market opening for the production of hybrid-fuel based vehicles, and a lot of the stuff that he learned with thanks to his time spent as an employee at EG&G.

The company name based out in multiple areas of the country, and was literally operated (started) out of a garage by two, and various aspect markets they tend to focus on are automotive, medical, aerospace, and photography.


Fantastic post, a great read. I have come across this concept a while ago and have seen video that show cars working well with Hydrogen as their fuel. There is also the concept of using petrol/gasoline vapour to power the car too. up-voted, followed and resteemed.

We hope as soon as possible generated water fuel will in the world place.

I influenced one of theories for a school to extend. I utilized pvc pipe tho and when I took it to class individuals were taking a gander at me irregular and theories two educators came up to me and asked me what it was and they said well that is an alleviation it would seem that a bomb hahaha

Sometimes people jump to conclusions TOO SOON, and should really take the time to ask you exactly what it is that you're trying to create instead of promoting blown out of proportion ideas. When you create, I feel that the creator SHOULD be doing it to help others, don't get me wrong, they have to make a living as well to continue doing what they do best. So getting paid for your efforts when creating an invention that can help resolve issues others are facing, or maybe it's a ridiculously powerful remedy that can cause "cancer to digress" within a patient, and YEAH there is powerful remedies, particularly the ones with herbal medicines that can kick cancer's --- like it's going out of style [for those who question what I just said, I'll leave the link down below this comment section for them to check that out -- also understand that herbal remedies may vary in the digression of cancer that spreads through the body, and it's highly imperative follow up with an herbal specialist for further guidance when learning about herbs and the effects they MAY OR MAY NOT have on the body].

See that's powerful, but only powerful if shared with those who REALLY would need helpful info to take an individual further in life. Groundbreaking creations / discoveries are kept out of the public spotlight, they're confiscated and used to finance the pockets of crooked high-office officials, and let's not forget about the corporations banks who work diligently with the top 1 percenters, to financially rape and rob people blind while leaving them with little or no solutions.

It's truly F'ed up that things are the way they are in the world, but crooked people want to stay on top of us in the control seat, and keep you down and out, broke, and dependent on them (The American Government).

That's just a known fact in the world of economics (or better yet it's called Economic Progressivism, which is designed to ration out what the top power innovators think you're REALLY worth), and believe this if you're thinking about cashing in HUGE on an invention that could go viral, then get ready to watch your back because various organizations, companies, industries, and if you have any desperate relatives and buddies such as Uncle Jesse Jack, or good 'ol Cleatus Dante Jenkins Jones that claimed you and him were tight since your high school hellish days;

(despite the fact that he bullied you usually with a group of thug followers whom cowardly backed him up every chance he got to make a spectacle out of you in front of the other kids LOL) you haven't seen for decades only to show up after learning you've amassed big-time wealth, and will have the nerve to ask if they can borrow money to handle a couple of gambling debts they just so happen to owe. LOL, tell em' to take a hike down to the unemployment office followed by a one-liner comment telling them to 'HAVE A NICE DAY'.

Hey there! Thanks a lot for checking out my post "Agartha - A world inside our world" means a lot to me


This awesome hope soon generated water fuel will on the world market.

A very brilliant idea ,,

I am close to completing a simple HHO setup in my car. Right now I just have a gas vapor setup. It does give better gas mileage but I want to see how much mileage a hydroxy setup would perform.

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About 15-years ago I read an article published in Motorhome Magazine about a fuel that the Nevada Highway Patrol and some buss company in California was testing. It was called A-55 there is another name or it as well I believe it is called A-21. Anyway the fuel was a light oil (ie. naphtha) mixed into 55% water using a secret emulsifier to keep them mixed. There was also an interview in Seattle Times (I believe or the P.I.) of a race car driver that was using this fuel in his race car. A-55 was first invented by a German engineer working for Caterpillar Diesel in Nevada. There was only a slight modification made to either gas or diesel motors to make it work--I don't know what they did to the diesel cars, but they added nickle spark-plugs to the gas engines.