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RE: Spider & Fresh Web under the Microscope 🔬🕷🕸

in #science3 years ago

This is really interesting. I got a tiny branch of a plant which I kept in a bottle of water so it would grow roots and it finally did, i was do happy to see it. And now as the roots are growing it's starting to gross me out a little haha but it's still beautiful: miracle of life! I had a similar feeling looking at the spider: amazing to look at it as a living creature despite its initial grossness :D


Oh wow that looks cool! I would be excited too!! What plant was that branch from?

I really have no idea what the plant is called, @hrissm do you know?
I will show you today's picture when I'm back in the office, the roots are crazy long now!

That is so cool how the roots have grown. When do you plan to pot it in soil?

I read that the roots need to be at least 5" long. So I still need to wait for a couple of weeks. I'm really excited to watch it grow!