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RE: Spider & Fresh Web under the Microscope 🔬🕷🕸

in #science3 years ago (edited)

Congrats on the curie and all the well-deserved attention this post got, super-crazy-Soju! 🔥

But eeeeeew and so you! I admit, I’m so glad you’re back to creeping us out with your weirdly creepy crawly posts too. 🖤 Hehehe.

And yeah, getting a friend to catch the spider and do the dirty work would be right!

Don’t forget, keep thinking on how you might make us a funny @comedyopenmic post. I know one will come eventually. I don’t think we’ve had a funny science one yet. Be the first! 🖤 Lol

OR do a Soju one. That one you did with Soju trying to pick up a pencil was hilarious. 😂


Thanks @linnyplant.

And yeah, getting a friend to catch the spider and do the dirty work would be right!

Of course!! LOL

As in regards to the @comedyopenmic post.... Well it wasn't an exact post but part of a COM contest. So that should still count as one. I tagged you in the entry.

I seriously don't know how to or what to write for a COM post. I will have to keep an eye out for other COM posts to see how I should be writing one up. Or just let Soju write one up.

You tagged me?! I don’t see a notification! Did I miss something. I’m going catch up on all my posts soon!

Yea, i tagged you in the comment..... let me check that I spelt your name correctly....yup I did.

What?! I’m looking at your blog? What post are you referring to?!

Not my post. COM post. The meme contest

mine is near the bottom

Also if you're interested, I use steemworld to check where i've been mentioned. No notification, though I think you could set it. This is your link to your steemworld. If you click on mentions you can see the recent ones.

Edit: I like to use it to check the account operations, to see what comes in and goes out what time and so forth. You can click on them and read ie comments and get links to the post etc.

Thanks for that! I’ve never used that site, but I will now. 💖

And you are a dirty girl! Lol. 🤣

hahaha I couldn't think of anything to write, then I saw a girl was walking by.

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