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RE: Why I Teach My Kids Only Truth

in #science5 years ago

Huh, Just like this post is written from your perspective; the bible was written by people like us, from their perspective - we have to understand that. Secondly, I admire what you are teaching your daughter. I have 3 kids and I taught them to be free thinkers. Up untill the older 2 went to secondary school. They seemed to be lost, but they always stayed with their grounding from home. At 13 I don't know how the general world is still at influence but as a parent I have learnt; leave by example!


@ghostwriter has a done a wonderful job raising our children. She's been an incredible wife and mother. Thanks for your comments, I know from personal experience that you made her day.

I'm convinced that the first few years of a person's life influence them more than any other. If you put a lot of effort when your children are young, with teaching and example, they will need less effort and cause less trouble when they are older. I bet your children are awesome people!