Methods of transmission, preservation of information through millennia.

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   I thought about how to transmit information to my ancestors through millennia.  That I can tell you about the world around me, which was surrounding me at the time of writing my message.  I came to the conclusion that what we have now created, all the materials that we have available, can simply be drown under a pile of ash, sedimentary rocks.  Even plastics can decompose (no one has proved that it is eternal).

 And then I remembered the discoveries of scientists who found drawings of ancient people in caves.  They simply were smarter, they knew something that they began to transfer their knowledge through millennia.  I came to the conclusion that this is the most reliable way to hide my knowledge and transmit to the generation knowledge about the world in the form of drawings, which is what happened.  Ancient people hid their knowledge in places inaccessible to the cataclysm, or rather in caves.

 As for writing and transmitting thoughts to the needy generations after centuries, the ancient Egyptians went further.  They guessed to draw ordinary image symbols, and put something so that it could exist further.  I recalled from an old film about ancient Egypt, most of them showed a cat, yes the most ordinary cat, which, after millennia, continues to live in our era.  If we take the sound of a cat’s request, and give meaning to any symbol, for example “@” (in our “dog”), then we will see this symbol.  .  Another symbol can be indicated by the sound of the cat when she is in a calm state.

This is a common example of how certain messages can be encoded and a method that just appeared in my head if I wanted to transmit information through tens of millennia.  The ancient Egyptians, for this, built magnificent pyramids that simply could not be destroyed, everything was made of stone.  So that people would go there less, make tombs, make strong thoughts about magic, these words were rooted in the heads of people after millennia, hence people were simply afraid to go there.

 The narrative has been trimmed, due to a large number of assumptions.  This hypothesis, purely my logical reasoning, it can be fundamentally different from yours, therefore I ask without insults.  thanks


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