Concentrated acids? Extremely strong oxidizing agents? Carcinogens? Stuff that intercalates with DNA? Mildly pathogenic bugs? Random sharps?

I respect all those things. But the lab activity that still makes me anxious is whenever we have to move the gas cylinders.


Nice post, argon is also very usefull on any spectroscopy where you need to use an ICP and sometimes even on gas cromatografy .

Oh that's right! I rarely use ICP and almost forgot that!!!

Yes, chain them to the wall!

These bottles have been known to propel themselves through concrete block walls.

I didn't know argon was above CO2 in atmospheric gases, but hey, after Nitrogen and Oxygen, everything is a mere fraction of a percent.

These bottles have been known to propel themselves through concrete block walls.
Haha this is one of the most classical "story". I am not sure if this really happened before, but probably expanding 200 bar of gas in a room(I assume close system) will definitely get all the windows broken

Well, on the TV show mythbusters they made that experiment, I don't remember what kind of gas they used (probably just air) or what pressure but it went trought a concret wall easy, it probably could be an interesting experience in a lab haha.

This is really scary!!!! The cylinder probably even heavier than me!!

感覺放在瓶子裡的氣體都要很小心啊~~~ XD


喔~ 對! 說得也是!!


哈哈這個我都沒有想到。谷歌了一下才確定不是溫室氣體 XD


氯化鉀(為高血壓病人而設的鹽)這不會吃成甲亢嗎,我怎麼這麼多問題。。。哈 哈

其實食鹽真的沒太多碘,吃到高血壓都不夠補充碘質,所以呢,這個不用擔心 XD




紫菜都是海帶嘛...... 吃起來吸引一點嘛XD