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RE: Alkali metals properties, [PART I].

in #science4 years ago

Yeah meet another chemist here!! Nice one!! upvoted and followed :DDD

I had recently made a post on alkali metals too ~
Feel free to drop by and have a look :D

btw, I am currently hosting a science picture contest with 30sp and ~20sbd prize. Feel free to see if you are interested :D


Thanks @mcw, nice post yours too. metallic sodium as you show in your post is used to eliminate water when it is a problem in a solvent. I have the example of toluene when it is use for catalysis as reaction medium in polymers synthesis because the water affects drastically the behavior of the catalyst or even inactivete it.

Also I have videos where we study the reactivity of sodium on water and alcohol I will try to upload them on the other post.

Is that the use of organometallics as catalyst? Some of them are really water sensitive. Toluene sounds good to me as they are not as hygroscopic as THF, which is really a pain for me to use it as solvent.

Really look forward to your post !!! :))

Exactly for organometallic catalysis. Yes both of them are good but you have to considerate also the activity of the catalyst in different solvent before choose one, which in some cases could be very different. It is nice to meet other chemist.

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