Much of the time this works great! Just a few head's up in case you run into issues

  • some Ni resins can non-selectively oxidize your proteins and
  • if you're expressing in E. coli, slyD can contaminate nickel based IMAC. IF that's an issue and IF it's occuring, switing to a cobalt based resin can help.

Wow!!! Thanks for the amazing comments!!! I never know about that!!!
I didn't know cobalt also works!!!!! )0(

Yep, not an endorsement of a particular product, but this is the type of stuff I was talking about.

细菌在我这样的外行人眼里简直就是“害虫”(´▽`)mei 想到在实验室里,还能作为小帮手呢

對啊,因爲細菌生長得快,所以訓一晚翌日就有成果了 XDDD

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