Hahaha so cool, that you also had to do this kind of stuff! :)

I see, you are busy in the lab. It is the same for me, thus I hardly find time to prepare in-depth posts for STEEMIT. But for chemists like us one thing is clear: Lab work first. :)

Right now I am also experimenting to find novel ways of performing quite distinct conversions. So again back to a lot of tiny experiments screening for discrete convenient parameters. Yeay! Haha, but still way better than losing your precious substrates. :)

Thanks for the mentioning, good luck in the lab and keep posting such cool stuff!

So true T.T Lab work first
But it only works for stuff with large separation on TLC and non water-sensitive experiments.
Sometimes I am not confident enough to tell that failing a miligram scale reaction is just because the product is so little, or i stuff like moisture ruined my reaction /.\

Yeah!!!! it is really coherent when I saw your pipette column post!!!!!

Yop thats true. Luckily my recently produced intermediats are not that sensitive towards humidity, but funnily they degrade in CDCl3, thus I have to be rather fast in measuring my NMRs. xD

haha, chloroform is quite tricky. I was having a silylenol ether decomposed in a old bottle of chloroform(but not a new one) due to the decomposed HCl, which spend me a few whole day to figure that out 🙈

Ouch that hurts the chemists Heart. 😅

money saving too, using pipette not a real column

Haha pseudo column XDD


潰已崩揮手區 T.T
大家加油 T.T


哈哈!! 對!! 其實的確是同一類儀器來!!

i agree with you, separating chemicals needs more efforts than mixing
i wish you a good luck for your final year, thank you for this great post

;) Thanks !!!
Hope you enjoy that :))


這個還是能加壓縮氣體去加快進度 XDDD