"Ata" Alien skeleton found in Chile’s Atacama Desert! Mystery reveled!

in #science4 years ago

A man by name Oscar Munoz was excavating things in La Noria – a ghost town in the Atacama Desert.

Suddenly he found Near an abandoned church, found a white cloth containing a weird looking skeleton which is 6 inches in size was found on October 19 in 2003.

It had baffled many scrollers and people.

It looked similar to humans and also sometimes not. At first, they thought that it was some alien!

this year after conducting many tests and analysis like a skeletal and genomic analysis, they finally concluded that "Ata" (Name given to alien)was a human girl with genetic abnormalities, including ‘accelerated bone age.’

"A new effort led by an international team of researchers is now challenging the work, claiming the genomic analyses were unjustified and the skeleton is actually that of a typically developing fetus at around the 15-week point."

Proofs given by researches that its a human are:

According to Researchers, "Ata" had only 10 pairs of ribs. Normal humans have 12.

Some say it's because of miscarriage.

image and content source - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/


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