Story Of the Pink Lake "Lake Hillier"! Why is it pink in color?

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Lake Hillier is a beautiful lake in Australia with strawberry shake color water. But do you know why this lake is pink in color?

Lake Hillier is a famous pink lake in Australia which was found/discovered by Royal Navy explorer in 1802.

The cause of this beautiful pink color is still a debetable thing. But many say that it is because , its a home for  microorganisms that cause this strawberry color to the lake.

Dunaliella Salina are a specific species of microalgae that some scientests thing are the cause of pink color.

Dunaliella Salina are salt loving photosynthetic  microbes. These produce energy by using some parts of visible  light spectrum except in orange/red frequencies 

" Dunaliella Salina is able to tolerate very high salt concentrations ranging from 0.2% to as much as 35%.  "

These organisams produce  pigments called   beta-carotene which is a carotenoid pigment that can also be found in carrots

This pigment is belived to give it pink color to the lake.

 "There are also large amounts of halophilic bacteria and archaea in the salt crusts of the lake that could also be the cause for the lake's interesting appearance. "

And there is one more famous pink colored lake called Lake Retba  on the coast of Senegal 

We can see pink color in this lake usually in dry season like  between November and June 

Is it safe to swim in these pink lakes?

 According to the official site for the pink lake of Australia, it is perfectly safe to swim in the lake. Despite the coloration, the water is clear and will not cause any harm to you or your skin. 


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