Water series #5 — Tears

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While running errands with my husband we spy a petite lady walking two small dogs next to the busy street.

We smile, laugh a little and tell my husband, “How cute she is walking her dogs.” It has been a while since people can get out with all the weather recently.

Looking again I see her head slightly bent down, eyes closed, holding the two leases tightly. She is crying. Tears well up in my eyes remembering her face. Tears can create empathy in others, especially me. I still wonder why she was so sad.

Do you know men that cry?

My husband is taught it is not a manly thing to do, crying that is. For years I never saw him cry even in the theater. I know, right? I cry when sad scenes get me.

Finally, we saw a movie that affects him so profoundly I could see tears in his eyes. I do not think boys are taught they are not supposed to cry today but back then they were.

As humans we can all relate to tears from laughter, cutting onions, sadness and so on. I began to want to know what is in those tears so I did a little web searching and will share with you what I found.

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Wikipedia anatomy of where tears come from
Anatomy of lacrimation, showing
• a) Lacrimal gland
• b) Superior lacrimal punctum
• c) Superior lacrimal canal
• d) Lacrimal sac
• e) Inferior lacrimal punctum
• f) Inferior lacrimal canal
• g) Nasolacrimal canal

Tear chemicals: Water, muci, lipids, lysozyme, lactoferrin, lipocalin, lacritin, ummunoglobulins, glucose, urea, sodium and potassium.

There are different categories of tears.

Basal tears keep your corneas wet and nourished, lubricating and keeping them dust free.

Reflex tears caused by irritation and foreign particles.

Crying or weeping (psychic tears) are due to strong emotions.

How actors fake cry

I almost didn’t write this post up. However, tears are very important in our lives and so here we are.

My hope is that you have enjoyed this post.

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In this post we left behind the disturbing sound of a dripping faucet, soothing sounds of ocean waves, relaxing rain, and cave water, in this the fifth in the “Water Series”, as we explored tears.

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I get weepy with very few movies but if I think back about memories with my son as a child it doesn’t take much to get the rivers rushing. After 60 years, I’m okay with that.

hey me too on the age ...nice to get a comment from you. I followed you too. :)

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