How to control the soil erosion with the storm water run off?

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I’m land locked and need help with a sloping back yard that is eroding. I simply need solid advice on how to correct the erosion and not flush my neighbors out with the storm water run off.

Hi @Angelia F
As you have mentioned, "sloping back yard that is eroding." Now, I can visualize your land. But, the post lacks information like the location, the slope of the land (either too steep). If there was some more detail about it, it would have been much easier to suggest.
keeping everything aside, let me say some reason for erosion. Among them:-

  1. The land is too steep. Which leads to a higher velocity of water in the field. If the velocity of water exceeds the scouring velocity of soil particles, then erosion is likely to happen. If this is the reason for erosion, we need to reduce the velocity of water in several ways like by building some structures in the field and providing a proper drainage system.
  2. Next scenario is if the soil particles are very fine and can be eroded with a very small velocity of water too. Usually occurs at soft and very fine soil which have very low scouring velocity. In this type of soil, we need to focus on protecting soil instead of the velocity of the water.

I can help you in detail if you provide me some detail like location ( from location I can find out average rainfall, rate of infiltration, rate of runoff water, from which I can find out the velocity of water, your catchment area to calculate the volume of water. So if any drainage system needs to be designed, I can work with all these details.

I am Er. Sanjay Acharya and civil engineer by profession from Nepal. It is a Landlocked and Mountainous country (with the highest mountain in the world). I have studied Bioengineering during my college life.
If you believe that I can help you in any way to solve your problems related to civil engineering and erosions, Please let me know. I will be happy to help.

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