Genetic Engineering: Jellyfish DNA + Yeast

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I did some at-home genetic engineering, and turned yeast florescent by adding Jellyfish DNA to it. I used a Do-It-At-Home genetic engineering kit from The Odin ( and it was super easy and fun!

The process involves “transformation”. It’s where you genetically alter a cell by introducing new DNA through the cell walls. Usually cell walls stop cells mixing with foreign DNA. Transformation works by weakening the cell walls, and this temporary state is called “competence”, and it’s where the cell is for a limited time able to take up exogenous DNA from the environment.

If the cell demonstrates what’s called “uptake” and incorporation of this new genetic material, it’s called “transformation”, and that means I've successfully joined jellyfish with yeast and created fluorescent yeast!

The Odin makes fantastic bio-hacking kits which give people the tools to do all kinds of awesome science experiments at home. Check out my do-it-at-home CRISPR project:

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