Area 51

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Area 51 is a huge (Nellis Air Force) military operation area, which is 26,000 sq km.
It is located in the southern part of the western United States of Nevada and near 150 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas, from Las Vegas. It is a large secret military base that is located on the south bank of the Groom Lake.
Its primary purpose is to build experimental aircraft, to inspect the weapon system and to improve the development.

The foundation is based on the United States Air Force's massive Nevada test and training range. "Land of dreams", "Home base", "Water city part", "Groom lake", and most recently known as "Fascinating Airport" for the benefit of the base.

Often called the skyline "box" on the grounds of military aircraft operators. The high level of confidentiality that the foundation encompasses, the existence of the US government only vaguely acknowledges it.
The prototype of a prototype based on this foundation and the hero of the unidentified flying object (UFO).

Claimed by various retired employees who were given permission to work in Area 51 in 2009, they said that Area 51 is used with great secrecy to improve and improve the recent technology testing (military jet planes, lunar modules, etc.).


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