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Biogas is a gas made from decomposing biomass. The gas can be made by processing all the animals in the mold. Biogas is a gas produced due to the absence of animal dung and other decomposition substances in the absence of air. But these are mostly used as domestic or commercially available animals and human feces are available. Most of these gases contain methane gas. After the production of biogas, remaining waste is quite effective as a good organic fertilizer.

In the absence of oxygen, biogas is produced from which organic material is decomposed. This process is called anaerobic digestion. By which some microorganisms break down organic matter, mainly produce methane and carbon dioxide.

Any decomposing material can be used as raw material for biogas formation. Such as:

1:Ointment (man, cows, buffalo, goat, sheep, laughter, chicken etc)
2:Frying part of curry, fruit and fish
3:Cultivation, various rubbish and tasteless

Mainly two different plants are used for the production of biogas. These are-

1:Fixed dom biogas plant
2:Floating dom biogas plant

There are also several types of biogas plants. For example,

1:Balloon Plant
2:Horizontal plant
3:Earth pit plant
4:Ferosimization Plant

Biogas has many benefits as a source of renewable energy. Such as-

--This plant can be built in a few places.
This plant survives and works for a long time.

--Rubbish and odorless healthier environment develops.
--The ingredients do not spread to the stomach. Mosquitoes flyReduce physical activity of the cook.

--High quality fertilizers are available for land.
Modernism comes in the village life.

--Biogas waste can be used as a biological agent.

--There is less pressure on the plants for fuel.
Due to biogas, it is encouraged to build livestock farms in the house.

--Biogas waste is used as a food for fish.

--The use of biogas is low in greenhouse gases.
Bio gas can be used to produce electricity.

--There is a need for a lot of time to build the plant.

--For raw materials, they have to be cows, goats and poultry.

--Biogas plants can not be made generally.

--When the temperature decreases in winter, the production of gas decreases. (Solution »Hot water must be inserted before dumping the dung in the plant).It is good to place the plan in such a place where there is always sunny place....


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