Earth's magnetic field

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Earth's magnetic field (also known as geomagnetic field) is a type of magnetic field that extends from the inside of the Earth to the space, where the field is combined with the solar wind produced from the sun.

Its surface is 25 to 65 microdascella (0.25 to 0.65 gus).It is 11 degrees hinged magnetic polar field compared to the Earth's rotation axis.
It seems like a magnet has been given in the center of the world.
The North Geomagnetic Pole is located near the Greenland in the northern hemisphere, which is basically located in the southern hemisphere of the Earth's magnetic field, while the south geomagnetic poles are located in the North Pole.

Like the magnetic bar, the Earth's magnetic field changes over time, because it is produced by the phenomena (the motion of molten iron).


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