An Update on the SteemSTEM Project

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We (@steemstem) wanted to take a brief moment to update you on the status of our project, the progress that we have made in the last few months, our current philosophy regarding supporting STEM (and Health!) content on Steemit and some plans/ideas we have for the future of the project.

What is SteemSTEM?

The steemSTEM project is a community-supported initiative to increase both the quality as well as visibility of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) posts on Steemit.

We think that the STEM disciplines are not just niche topics for discussion, but core subjects essential to the long term growth and development of Steemit as an internet social media hub. We believe that the development of a thriving STEM community will serve to both retain the current demographic as well as bring in new users through the presentation of both interesting and cutting edge material.

The project seeks in part to achieve these goal through the direct promotion of quality content posted on Steemit. The assessment of the quality of the content is achieved by a team of curators with expertise in various STEM disciplines who donate their time for the betterment of Steemit and the community.

Project Philosophy

The long-term goal of the steemSTEM project is to spread knowledge of STEM subjects and to increase the quality of the STEM posts. We (@steemstem) are doing this through positive reinforcement, by re-steeming, and upvoting good posts in the STEM field of expertise. The STEEM power used for this task is currently gathered in a twofold way, either via a direct delegation to the @steemstem account and or via the trailing of the @steemstem account by a bunch of followers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to participate (see the end of the post for direct links).

In addition, we also host and support competitions of various types to encourage people to give their all, showing that with better effort the outcome can only be better rewards.

The SteemSTEM Project is Committed to Distributing STEEM Power

Since its inception the steemSTEM initiative has been upvoting all accurate, comprehensive and correctly referenced articles. Occasionally, a high quality post was selected for re-steeming and the author was provided a reward of 5 SP, 10 SP or 20 SP (the exact amount has varied over time). The focus of this re-steeming is primarily for newer authors in need of additional exposure.

Moreover, since the inception of the steemSTEM project, various other contests and projects have been organized and supported, and the community members rewarded with STEEM Power for their participation.

These efforts have allowed us to give directly back to the Steemit community a total amount of 1838.5 SP, spread over 99 different Steemians!

Supported Contests

The steemSTEM project has been heavily involved in supporting contests designed to challenge the Steemit community, instill a greater appreciation for STEM content and increase the vested (STEEM Power) stake of the STEM community members (both content creators and commenters alike). We have supported contests (either through helping with exposure, providing funding or both) run by a variety of STEM content creators including:

We have also been trying to support the new sciencepic tag created by @mcw as a way for anyone to feel welcome contributing to STEM on steemit

NEW: SciencePic -- Quest for all Steemians for science photos and pictures

Past SteemSTEM Team Contests

The steemSTEM management team has also been involved in the creation and running a variety of contests including two writing contests:

The purpose of these competitions was to provide the STEM community on Steemit a set of excellent examples of what well cited, posts look like, and to reward those posters for their efforts. We feel that these contests were a huge success and resulted in the generation of a nice set of high quality content.

One physics challenge has also been organized by @lemouth

Current and Future Project Activities

In continuing with the tradition of steemSTEM management team run contests and competitions, we are currently running a Steemit Science Fair! This project is being spearheaded by @biuiam who is putting in a large amount of effort to ensure a quality competition!

Steemit Science fair.

Growth of the steemSTEM Management Team

As the community grows so too does the team of users dedicating their time to support the workings of the project. The steemSTEM management team currently includes (in alphabetical order) @anarchyhasnogods, @biuiam, @cristi, @justtryme90, @lemouth, @mobbs (newest managing team member assisting us in expanding curation efforts to better cover the technology tag), and @suesa. Each of these management team members has delegated at minimum 10% of their personal STEEM Power to enable the @steemstem account to accrue STEEM through curation which is provided back to the community in the form of the above rewards. The steemSTEM management team members do not receive ANY STEEM generated by the project account as payment for their participation and dedication to the project. All generated funds are returned to the community.

Moreover, many additional Steemians have generously agreed to trailing the steemSTEM project account’s (@steemstem) votes. In this way, good STEM content on the platform gets better rewarded, through the active curation efforts of the steemSTEM management team members.

In addition, many of the voted posts are advertised on our discussion channel on, so that Steemit STEM-aficionados can find, read and comment those posts in an easier way.

The science-fair and growing the steemSTEM curation trail are our two big projects of the moment, which are connected to the growth of the initiative.

In the case you want to help (there is no help too small!), you can either join us on the, on the steemSTEM channel, and/or follow our curation trail on Streemian.

The @steemstem Voting/Curation Bot

An “in-house” @steemstem curation bot is currently being worked on, implemented and maintained by @anarchyhasnogods as a means to complement the streemian service and ensure consistent support of STEM content by the steemSTEM team and community. More information about this bot and how to signup may be made public in the coming weeks.

Thank You Steemit Community

Finally we would like to thank each and every member of the Steemit community, for their open minds, and quest for knowledge and understanding. We will continue to tirelessly work to the best of our abilities to develop a vibrant STEM community on Steemit such that we may all be educated, entertained and amazed by the great work happening around the world to increase our understanding of ourselves, our planet and our universe.

We appreciate the generous support by the community members for this project, and look forward to continuing to work with all current and future supporters to achieve the lofty (but attainable!) goals of the project.


Thank you to all in the community who take the time to write the wonderful STEM content that we support. I look forward to us all growing together as this platform becomes the hub for social media on the internet. Steemit will change the world, and with it so too will we.

I would not be able to say it with better words ^^

Perhaps different but equally good words. Or maybe french words :D

I would need a call from French readers then... ;)


Woo! Glad to be on board!

Just commenting to say a big thank you to the management team for all the effort they have put in this beautiful project!

You are welcome! :)

The best science community in the steemit... proud to be a part of it. It is and will always be a great support for all the steemians posting good science stuff...

Thanks to you for all the posts you write, as well as the health contest you ran!

Im confuse, i still think what i can do for steemstem

Keep being you, making great posts and encouraging people to get involved. You are already helping a lot!

As @justtryme90 said: be yourself, continue posting good quality articles and increase the amount of interesting and original STEM posts on Steemit!

Really great work by the SteemSTEM team.
The community is growing nicely and thanks for the hard work :DDDD

And thanks to you for the nice support with your posts and ideas!

Extremely crucial project you've embarked on and it's of utmost importance that us Steemians support such projects as to ensure Steemit thrives and keeps growing. Thanks for your efforts, they are highly appreciated.

You are welcome! Thanks for your message.

I love the @steemstem project. I am relatively new to steemit and have been mostly writing in the #science tag. It has been made so much easier to keep writing knowing that some of my posts have been recognised by the steemstem management and occasionally mentioned on the chat.

It is really rewarding to know that I have been writing posts that are worthwhile and it really spurs me on to continue writing and passing on my knowledge to the steemit and steemstem community!

Thanks for your message and for the nice posts you allowed us to read! Please continue in this direction! :)

Joining it, please remind me when phase 2 starts.

The fair phase 2 should start very very soon ^^

This is a great initiative which the #steemSTEM team has taken up.

Today I got more visibility on the work that you are doing and I feel proud to be from the technology field and there is a community for it.

I have been bugging @lemouth a lot to get information on #steemSTEM and he promised me a post on it and I wish the whole #steemSTEM community lots of success!

Thanks @lemouth for all the support that you have provided me :)

Keep steem'in hard!

It is not only myself. We are a team ^^

Thanks to you for your nice posts!

When I checked the Steemit.Chat #steemSTEM channel, there is you and @justtryme90 in the description and did not know the rest.

Now I have a good introduction of the whole team and community.

Will be posting some nice STEM articles soon.

Keep steem'in hard :)

We are on our way to change that too. But more to come later :)

That is great news :)

Keep the community growing and flourishing!

Cheers :)

Thank you @steemstem for this project.

Also, I think health sciences topics such as sports science, medical engineering, clinical trials, etc. can be included into STEM.

They are totally included!

nice words and good research on steemit which all we should do i appreciate ur hardwork

Thanks a lot for your nice comment!

Happy to see a burgeoning science community here! Keep up the good work!

Steemstem can indeed be seen as the first community of science writers on steemit!

nice post

Thank you so much for this valuable information

well written.

keep up the good work team @steemstem!

good stuff, i'll keep an eye out for more about this project/tag


Good steemians tell why my reply go on color change to red.
Is my writing word "great-nice-good-etc" is wrong words.
Why any steemian do this, if any problem says me personally.

Steemit change the future ...

Best best

nice one! upvoted and resteemed !

Good writter

Very impressed @steemstem with your vision and community projects that your Management Team have been doing. Looking forward to more of your Future Project Activities.

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

Thanks a lot for your nice message! :)

This has to be one of the best uses of Steemit I have come across. I look forward to following you and upvoting the interesting articles and contests you are coordinating. Great job @anarchyhasnogods wish I had more voting power for you.

Proud to contribute to help this community grows~

I have just learned about steemSTEM. I 'd like to contribute.

Please do! Just by writing good posts on STEM topics, you will actually contribute. You can also join us on our chat room.

I follow you.check out my page if you like it thank you !

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That's a great picture, great content and full knowledge. I am a new comer in the steemit and I love so much to be here. when I starting to joined in steemit community a week days ago I got lot of support from my friends. They gave me lot of information as such as the Steemit, how write the article, how to comment and lot more.
I am very thanks and very appreciate for all of them because they gave me an incredible togetherness. But, after I reading your posting about "An Update on the SteemSTEM Project" ... Wow, it's lot of difference information that I had received from all my friends, then we make light discussion to more understanding about the SteemSTEM and IndoSTEM. Your posting was made all of us very clear about the SteemSTEM, of course I am very happy and I will prepare the posting soon very well. Thank's for your posting. Have nice day.

Cool to know about this project and support team.

This post has received a 1.56 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @banjo.

This is a very helpful project @steemstem. :)

Great post..thank you about new information...

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