Multi-Coloured Threads under the Microscope🌈🔬

in #science3 years ago

With one of my online orders, I had received a free multi coloured thread bracelet. Well I think it supposed to be, but I am not sure what to do with it. So under the microscope it went.


The threads themselves actually felt very soft between the fingers. It also has two thin glitter threads wrapped in between for added sparkle. After checking out the threads under the microscope, I had to do a double take on the threads with my eyes. They looked very plastic under the microscope. It reminded me of thin fishing line, but a bunch of them all twisted together to form a rope.


So I had a closer look at the ends where the threads have frayed. Yup they still look like thin fishing line. Also what is that thing on the red threads? It looks exactly like the thing that I saw stuck in my hair when I checked it out under the microscope. It also looks like that ‘superman cape’ like thing stuck on a foreign matter on a wing sample.


I had actually held this thread under the microscope with my shaky hands so there is no gif this time round. Looking at the video gives me a headache. The hardest part was to look at the frayed ends. Why didn’t I just cut small pieces off the ends and place it onto a slide to view instead? 🤦LoL


All images belong to @supersoju


Yup, 100% plastic!

But it feels so soft, though that's probably how it is when something is made so fine

looks awfully like thread to me, is it thread?

You know from this that they ain't giving away any high quality free gifts😁

😂😂😂 You make a great point!

I have a little microscope that attaches to my cell phone and if let’s me look at stuff like this, it is so fun, i am enjoying your microscope pics!!!

It is really interesting to check things out close up.

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