Pelargonium of Leaf CS under the Microscope🌿🔬

in #science3 years ago

Today's sample is of a leaf (CS) from a Pelargonium; not sure which particular species it is but there are about 200 of them. Searching up on the different types, they produce pretty flowers of various bright colours and style. Check out the images below.

Left Image: pixabay, by CC0 1.0; Right Image: Wiki Commons , by TheEgyptian, by CC BY-SA 3.0


The sample we have is a leaf cross section. If you have a look closely at the right image above, you can see the leaves (even stem) are furry looking. Will we find big trichomes on the leaf cross section here? Let us have a look.

It appears only small sized gif files can be uploaded. Sorry for the small gif. I tried to wait and see if the error would disappear when I tried to upload the original gif file. But I had to reduce it to under 10MB in order for it to upload. How annoying. Kind of pointless now to upload these gif because you can barely see the details.

Anyways, back to looking at the sample. We can see the trichomes do look bigger and thicker than the previous ones we’ve seen on the Leaf of Ficus Carica. Below are still shots of the trichomes and a closer look at the plant cells.

pelargonium leaf.JPG

Remember the old post on stomata and types of plant tissue? Check out the stomata on this sample which are open. The two guard cells look like two faces having a face off. We can also see starch granules (stained purple) in the parenchyma cells.


I must say, it is exciting when you can spot particular parts or structures clearly on a sample. I just hope next time I post a gif up I won't have to reduce the size like this gif. Anyways, I will be busy for some time so I might look at posting new posts about once or twice a week instead of every day. Hopefully by then the maximum gif upload size has changed.


Unless cited, all other images belong to @supersoju
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I feel like it’s been years I’ve visited you! It might have only been a few days?! But what a pretty post, even the microscopic views are pretty! I love these pelargoniums, my brain is tired, but I don’t think they’re the same as geraniums, and I adore red geraniums.

It’s 2am-ish, still doing work after stuffing around on discord. You reminded that I need to get outside. :(

Hope you, partner and soju have been well!

You are right, funny how some reading material note them as the same then others saying they are not.

I've been good thank, just busy. So I won't be on all the time. Hope you have been well too.

We all do what we have to do, see you back later.

I have to say that although the gifs are great, they were taking impossibly long to download in some cases. Now, it is better. See if you can find a video compression service and compress before you make the gif. That might give you more for the same file-size

Thanks @nikv, I'll look into it next time I make the gifs. I just don't want to lose too much detail.

it's funny how you see the flower cells one would never believe they look like this

This is actually the leaf cells we see here. The family it belongs to have those pretty looking flowers.

I always enjoy your posts, will miss having them daily. It does get harder when life is busy though.

organic plant matter with those bubbles looks great.

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