Spider & Fresh Web under the Microscope 🔬🕷🕸

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A friend of mine had caught a spider for me to check out under the microscope. I initially wanted to check it out and post about it last week. However the noobie me had placed the spider in a small deep jar and it ended up getting stuck to the jar. So I had to place it somehow into my little relaxing jar for a few days to relax the body before I could move it.



Let us check the spider out first. Here is the spider using the light source from underneath. From first glance it doesn’t look like a spider. It sort of reminds me of an ant. Though it has really long legs.


Here we can see through its body. What is interesting is when you compare it to the spider anatomy diagram. You can identify certain parts, such as the intestine and heart.

Wiki Commons, by John Henry Comstock & retouched by Pbroks13 - Ryan Wilson, by CC BY 3.0

I just happened to have my image facing the same way as this diagram, which is pretty lucky. But of course I don’t know if my specimen is a male or female; though I’m guess male from the looks of things.



Let there be light. Well light from above that is.


Here is a closer view of its lower anatomy. I must say, the spider is a little hairy, with some areas with longer strands. Oh and on the leg it appears to have thicker hair that is spike like around the joint. Below are still images of it.


This is very interesting. Different to the other insects we’ve seen to date. What is also interesting are the toes, if I can call them that.


Looking closely at them, they appear gentler looking than all the other insects we’ve seen. But of course this will allow them to walk along their web without getting stuck.


I did try very hard to obtain images of the eyes & mouth. But the spider was small to handle and the legs were shriveled up. Thus making it difficult to obtain nice images. After 13 minutes of checking out the spider and trying to position it properly using tweezers and a needle tip tool. I gave up, my hands were too shaky and I was afraid of damaging the spider. I need a pinning board to prop it in place then dry it. Anyways, here are the best images I could obtain of the eyes and mouth. Actually only the eyes.



Here are a couple of photos of the spider in the jar my friend had given me. At this point of time, the spider was still alive. I noticed also he had spun some web inside the jar. The web is really fine and different to the past web I had looked at.


So I decided to collect this web and place it onto a slide for viewing. After I have put the spider to sleep and in its separate jar that is. Here are photos of the web inside the jar. A little hard to see but it is very soft and fine.




Here is a closer look at the web.


It was so soft and fine that looking at it under my microscope, there really wasn’t much to see. Here is an image of what I could see under the microscope. The right image is with the iris diaphragm closed. Doesn't the denser section look like a mini octopus with two beady eyes?


Unless cited, all other images & gifs belong to @supersoju


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Wow, this is both gross and beautiful. I've got a varied emotions looking at it XD.

The web is beautiful under the microscope, which is really different from my usual reaction looking at spider's web. I shall ponder about this some more.

hahaha me too! I don't like spiders yet somehow it wasn't too bad looking at it close up. I'm not sure how I feel about them now.

Oh yea, this was how I felt after your post. But then last night when I was about to wash my feet, a spider decided to chill near my shower hole. Friendship ended with spider <////3.


arañas que creacion mas bellas <3

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Wow nice Steem Repo website; great idea. Sure I would like to be added. So "YES".

Wow, in the first few photos I got the impression this was a large, hairy, spider. But then when you show it in the jar it looks tiny, and not at all hairy.
By the way, I miss your daily posts, was happy to see this one tonight.😊

Awww you're always too kind @white.tiger
Yes I was surprised at all the hair when I was looking at it closer. Because you couldn't see any hair on it with the naked eye.

Although I am not very fond of spiders, I do actually like this post.. Nice to look at it via a microscope.. Very educational.. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks @anouk.nox
I'm not fond of spiders either. Not sure how I built the courage to even open the jar in the first place.

Absolutely amazing, great shots. Looks like a baby huntsman spider with so much hair and its shape.

Eeek huntsman spiders are scary looking :'( I will only admire them from a far.

❤️This is amazing❤️. As a
Macro Photographer we see such things dayle, If you don't believe me, see the work that I m doing.🍀

Thanks @marjanko
I just checked out your work and they are great!!! The little spider photo of the jumping spider is cute!
I look forward to seeing more of your fantastic photos!

❤️Thank you so so much 🍀🍀

See, I told you looking at spiders under the microscope would be a good thing ;) Congratulations!

hehehe Thanks @nikv!!

The pictures are amazing.. thumbs up

Congrats on the curie and all the well-deserved attention this post got, super-crazy-Soju! 🔥

But eeeeeew and so you! I admit, I’m so glad you’re back to creeping us out with your weirdly creepy crawly posts too. 🖤 Hehehe.

And yeah, getting a friend to catch the spider and do the dirty work would be right!

Don’t forget, keep thinking on how you might make us a funny @comedyopenmic post. I know one will come eventually. I don’t think we’ve had a funny science one yet. Be the first! 🖤 Lol

OR do a Soju one. That one you did with Soju trying to pick up a pencil was hilarious. 😂

Thanks @linnyplant.

And yeah, getting a friend to catch the spider and do the dirty work would be right!

Of course!! LOL

As in regards to the @comedyopenmic post.... Well it wasn't an exact post but part of a COM contest. So that should still count as one. I tagged you in the entry.

I seriously don't know how to or what to write for a COM post. I will have to keep an eye out for other COM posts to see how I should be writing one up. Or just let Soju write one up.

You tagged me?! I don’t see a notification! Did I miss something. I’m going catch up on all my posts soon!

Yea, i tagged you in the comment..... let me check that I spelt your name correctly....yup I did.

What?! I’m looking at your blog? What post are you referring to?!

Not my post. COM post. The meme contest


mine is near the bottom

Also if you're interested, I use steemworld to check where i've been mentioned. No notification, though I think you could set it. https://steemworld.org/@linnyplant This is your link to your steemworld. If you click on mentions you can see the recent ones.

Edit: I like to use it to check the account operations, to see what comes in and goes out what time and so forth. You can click on them and read ie comments and get links to the post etc.

Thanks for that! I’ve never used that site, but I will now. 💖

And you are a dirty girl! Lol. 🤣

hahaha I couldn't think of anything to write, then I saw a girl was walking by.

Very interesting to see that little spider and the web so close!

It sure was, thanks for stopping by

Never knew there is a spider that is hairy.. that's awesome ...

There are hairier spiders out there. But this one seem hairless until you look close up.

This is really interesting. I got a tiny branch of a plant which I kept in a bottle of water so it would grow roots and it finally did, i was do happy to see it. And now as the roots are growing it's starting to gross me out a little haha but it's still beautiful: miracle of life! I had a similar feeling looking at the spider: amazing to look at it as a living creature despite its initial grossness :D

Oh wow that looks cool! I would be excited too!! What plant was that branch from?

I really have no idea what the plant is called, @hrissm do you know?
I will show you today's picture when I'm back in the office, the roots are crazy long now!

That is so cool how the roots have grown. When do you plan to pot it in soil?

I read that the roots need to be at least 5" long. So I still need to wait for a couple of weeks. I'm really excited to watch it grow!

Wow.. .Spider.. its such an art to see under microscope. <3

Awesome OMG! I've never seen one so close =^-^=

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