Unknown Insect #4 under the Microscope 🔬

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Oh my, it has been a month since my last post. I wasn’t expecting that. So much for posting at least once a week. As I write this draft, I hope I do finish it today for uploading.


Today’s post I want to share with you a close up view of an unknown insect. I should have checked it out earlier because due to necrosis, the true colours/markings on the insect can no longer be seen. The above middle photo is the unknown insect, however he/she originally had white stripes. In fact it was quite pretty looking. It made the insect look gentle looking. Geez I can’t believe I said that, insects give me the creeps.


This little guy is actually about 2cm long.
Let us start check out the guy’s eyes first since they are so big.


Since I had to resize and compress the gif, I compiled a few still shots of the head and a close up of its antenna for better viewing. What I love about the use of two different light sources on a microscope is the different perspective views you can obtain.



But did you see the last thing I focused in the above gif? Here is another view.


How cool is that. Out of all the insects we’ve checked out so far, these feet are the best I’ve seen. Just when I though the last was unique, this is even better. Here are some still shots using the two different light sources.


What I find fascinating is the fact that close up, the feet of different insects could vary so much. What I like about this specimen are the segmented parts of the leg which are unusual shaped with what seems to be softer hair compared to previous specimens we’ve seen. But of course the best part of this specimen is the fan like yellow part between the claws. Using the light source from below, you can see very fine hair like/fur like ends. If I had to guess what this is for, I would say either for sensory reasons or even to help it stand on water/wet surfaces. With so many fine hair like structures on the ends, it means it requires higher surface area for a particular reason.

This reminds of one of the first small organisms found high in the mountain streams which uses fan like/net like hands to filter food that passes by. It then pop its hands into its mouth as though it was licking its fingers. It was actually pretty cute when I first saw it on a documentary.


Next up, wings!


Although this gif quality does not do the image I saw justice. When you look at the first full body photo of the insect, you will notice the wings are shiny and more tough looking. Close up you can really see the shine. Here are a couple of still shots.



Next up is the abdomen. I wanted to show this part because I thought he had a cute bum. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a shame I did not check this insect out before necrosis kicked in. We cannot see its white markings at all. Everything is just black and he/she is all shrivelled up.


Last but not least, time to turn the insect over.


In a way I wish I didn’t, because seeing the thorax reminded me of the icky fly. But one thing that was interesting was the head. See how flat the head is underneath? The head is literally like a semi sphere. I wonder why? Is it so it could turn/tilt it's wide head easier to look around?


All images & gifs belong to @supersoju


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Congrats supersoju!! ❤️🎉

Well the bum probably was the cutest part. Not quite the Nicki Minaj of flies though, he was pretty toned

I read a comment like that and I know I've finally found a place where my interests are not peculiar :)

🤣🤣 Glad I wasn't the only one who thought the bum was kinda cute.

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Hate to tell you this but it is a fly, probably one of the robber-flies, which are predatory insects. The feet are extra sensitive because they are used like hands - the fly swoops down on insects like bees and grabs hold of them then uses it's sharp mouthparts to stab the insect. These are the big cats of the insect world

NOOOOOOOoooo!!! Yuk, I hate flies. But this one looked so pretty....in some ways.
EEek they sound like horrible flies. I didn't expect that at all. Sad to think they kill other flying insects.

Cool post! Are the microscope images movies, gifs, or something else? They don't look like ordinary DTube/YouTube videos.

Thanks. I recorded a full video when I view the specimen then I create gifs out of the best parts that show interesting images. Takes time to do, but I like this format because you can see everything in one read.

I like it! Very effective at showing your observations.

Very good. In the lab we would do our experiments many times, then repeat the experiment yet again, to give the results clearly in one figure at a glance.

Experiments are fun. Learning about results is even more fun, even when they don't add up. That reminds me, I dreamt a couple nights ago I was doing a PCR test!! LOL I only just remembered. Not sure what I was testing but I had just loaded up the wells and switched the machine on. I must have been subconsciously missing my school days in the lab.

Love the work you are doing 🔥

Wow, he/she is a really interesting insect.😁 I find the detail and colour of the eyes amazing, but I also love the shine of the wings. Great post!
Inca was asking when we will see a post on Soju?😸

kekeke you know, I was soooo tempted to use the words he/she many times.

lol Inca and Soju can be pawpals lol, I will have to ask Soju to write a post up next.

I thought it was a fly!


As much as I adore you, and as forlorn as I have been with your month-long absence, I cannot bring myself to look at the closeups. I stopped reading at ‘gentle looking’, I got the creeped out goosebumps....

So glad you’re back, even if it might just be a quick post stop. Give Soju a pat for me and consider having her write your posts for you full-time... xx

I have no idea what it was. Buy one of my readers said it was a type of fly. Ewwww

hahaha I think this is my last bug post for a while, I don't have another one ready to check out.

lol if Soju wrote the posts for me, she would use it to complain about her mum and dad a lot. We can't have that now can we lol

Well, it’s funny you should talk of soju complaining...

Soju must have seen your initial reply and thought she could confide in you. Little did she know, you would share it on social media too kekekeke

I have no idea what you mean! It just appeared on my account. I’ve been trying to tell you, Soju is more than just a cat! I would not underestimate her...

Hummm, looks like I will have to be more careful around her and keep a closer eye on what she does.

Whoa you can make insect so cool looking, sojuchan. I adore all your super detailed photos and animations and finding about disgusting creepy crawly thingies.

I love those shiny wings, look at them, they're gorgeous.

lol they are pretty disgusting but cool at the same time.

These are great close up picture's and it looks like a wasp. Glad you put something up again.

Eek a wasp?! I'm scared of them.

fantastic images that nice to be able to observe this kind of publications @supersoju

Nice photos. I usually don't see cameras attached to dissection microscopes, but those images are great!

Actually, it was a compound microscope that I used. Initially I wanted to purchase a stereo/dissecting microscope but I also wanted a compound one. Buying both would cost too much. So I opted for a compound which could do both. But obviously not as good as a stereo/dissecting microscope when I want to view insects/objects. One day, I will get myself one when I can afford it. One day.

I wish I had seen this post in time to upvote--but it looks like you don't need my little vote. Just want to say that looking at this insect up close and reading your narrative, gives me great respect for life. I don't know if that was your intention, but such a highly specialized creature with a job to do on earth... it's awe-inspiring. Reminds me of a book I read once, On an Acre Shy of Eternity, Micro Landscapes at the Edge, by Robert Dash. Dash takes an electron microscope to his backyard and examines life up close. It's a beautiful, memorable book.
Great post. Glad I stopped by... better late than never, I guess.

hahaha thanks. I am not late to your post though. Was in the middle of reading it then remembered to reply here first. I am glad you enjoyed my post. I wanted to share what I saw the best I could in a fun way.

Oh my, Dash had an electron microscope! They are big machines, but they do capture amazing images you would never expect. It is art on a way different level.

I don't don't know how either one of you manages to get those images. I'm all thumbs with equipment of any kind. But I can appreciate the results :)

Hey nice keep going like this . Thankyou

wow awesome sir..

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Incredibles photos 👌

Wow. It is great