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RE: Super Cool Science S#!t #24 - The Destroyer of Worlds

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I try to write all of my Super Cool Science S#!t to be plainly understandable. I'm no degreed scientist or anything, I'm just a regular guy talking about science to regular people :D

Thanks for stopping by! As you can probably tell, I have two dozen of these articles on all sorts of topics. I plan to compile them all into a book one day!


sounds great, I will try to read them all. That book would well be one to buy for our family library.

I love the graphics--I'll have to re-read later when I'm wide awake--right now sleep looms. However, have to ask, did you see the movie Event horizon? It deal with a ship that apparently "opened a rift in the space time continuum". Stuff of science fiction but I found the movie to be really creepy. When I re-read your piece I'll try to see how far-fetched the premise of the film is.