The UMOS: What is Reality Made of?

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UMOS - The Unconcious Mind Operating System


What is reality made of?

There is more going on in the universe than humans are able to observe. Humans observe the universe with five senses: Vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste. These biological systems allow humans to perceive some information, but not all. For example, the human eye is only able to perceive a very narrow band of visual data. It is unable to see ultraviolet, infrared, or many other types of waves that exist in the known universe. The human ear is only able to perceive frequencies from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. If a sound is outside that range, a human will not hear it. This is the case with all of the senses - they are limited in what they are able to perceive.
Spectrum & Frequency.jpeg
This raises an interesting question: What are humans really perceiving? Quantum physics and other sciences have helped us understand the answer. The universe is a massive field of energy. Depending on how this universal energy is vibrating, it could be a light wave, a sound, a rock, a cat, or you. The entire universe is made up of energy vibrating in different ways. This understanding of the universe is relatively new. Traditional Newtonian physics viewed reality in the clockwork model - that the universe was made up of many different pieces that worked together like a mechanical clock. Mechanical clock.jpg The world is still adjusting to the new quantum physics model where everything is energy and everything is interconnected.
Since everything is energy, how does human perception work? Each human observer is surrounded by a field of vibrational energy. All of this energy can be thought of as data. The human observer is surrounded by a huge amount of data, but only has the ability to perceive a small amount of it. The human senses evolved to sense the information most relevant to survival. Seeing X-Rays did not help the hunt. No predators had extremely high pitch howls, so human ears did not need to perceive sounds over a certain decibel.

Moving forward, it is important to understand:
  • Everything in the universe is energy vibrating
  • Human senses are only able to observe a small percentage of this vibrating energy

Bits of Information

At any given second, your brain is surrounded and being bombarded by about 2 million bits of data. However, the conscious mind is only able to focus on about 126 bits per second. This means at any given moment, there is a lot more going on than you are able to pay attention to. For example, until I mention it, you probably aren't thinking about how your feet feel because your 126 bits were focused on reading.

How do we reduce 2,000,000 bits to just 126? Through the unconscious processes of deletion, distortion and generalization.

  • Deletion: The process of letting sensory data which isn't relevant to what we are doing pass us by.

Example: When someone plays a game on their phone, they tend to be oblivious to what is happening around them. When someone works in a busy office, they tune out the sounds of other people talking.

  • Distortion: Not as simple to define. It deals with our imaginations and goals.

It is the layer of meaning and value humans place on their perception. It can be radically different from person to person and from culture to culture.

Example: When I get up in the morning and look at my unmade bed, I think, "Why make the bed? It will just get unmade again tonight," while another may look at an unmade bed and think, "Getting into a made-bed makes me feel successful."

  • Generalization: The process of drawing conclusions based on experience. It is how humans form beliefs and understandings about the world.

Example: After getting bitten by a few mosquitoes, people learn to dislike them.

Generalization is usually a helpful process. But sometimes works against us

Example: If someone gets their 'heart broken,' they may be less willing to open up and be loving in the future in fear of it happening again.

The 126 bits we pay attention to are shaped by sensory data and our internal understanding of reality

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I just wanted to say that you put a lot of thought into this, and it shows. Your article reminds me of the work of Pope Bob, or Robert Anton Wilson. A little heavy on the "is" statements, yet well written. I really think you would enjoy reading some of his works.
"Quantum Psychology" was the book that broke me free of constant mental strife.

Thank you very much! You are the second person to make the Robert Wilson comment. And thanks for reading, I will check him out!

Excellent post as it reminds me of some of Robert Anton Wilson's writings. Resteeming!

You're welcome!

Woww amigo muy buen post, me gusto mucho.! un saludo desde Venezuela:)

Gracias, amigo!

para eso estamos amigo:) si en algún momento tiene tiempo seria de gran ayuda que pasara por mi blog:)

Human brain, stores all saw things in low quality, blurry thought visual rendering, consists complex math algorithms but cannot calculate as fast as computer can calculate. That's cons of human brain.

Human can render both 2D and 3D in its mind. But sadly, the rendered images are in low quality. Human also able render 3D more realistic, more polygons than the latest 3D technology. But sadly, even with that capabilities, human cannot use that capabilities to draw better as you draw by looking other drawings nor things as human thought visual rendering cannot render the rendering screen in high res.

There is a man who called "human camera," means his brain can store saw things in high quality and his thought visual rendering better than ordinary human. Here is him :
Source :
His name is Stephen Wiltshire

Human memory weaken from time to time, so that the stored images, stored sounds, stored minds are getting fainter and fainter and sometimes, causes unsure even forget. Did you have feel if you have saw something, after long time, you remember it you saw something you have saw before in your mind fainter than you remember it not long after you saw it? That's one of proof if human's memory getting weaker from time to time.

Thank you for sharing!

I suppose that's one way of putting it. I prefer to think of the minimum resolution of the quantum universe is the planck constant..

Are you saying you believe that equation is how our entire universe works?

I don't believe in believe rather say I have confidence, based upon what I think I know, that there is a fairly good probability that there might be some accuracy in what I said.


Interesting...thank you for the comment!

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