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RE: History And Evolution Of Aging - [Is Aging A Process Of Evolution Or Reverse Evolution?]

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Nice article though i have some reservations about claims that our ancestors have a stronger immune system as compared to us due to the fact that they didn't rely on certain drugs as much as we do, since we evolved from them, shouldn't we have a strong immune system too. And if we did, why then did we need to create all of these drugs?? I'm actually of the believe that these drugs are what helps prolong our lives as they help our immune system better tackle all these diseases out there, which is why we are living longer than some of our opinion though


One of my former neighbours grew up to be drinking only bottled water. A point came when they had to travel to the village for vacay. While in the village; he followed other kids to play in the stream - and also joined other kids to drink the water from the stream.

Soon after, he developed serious diarrhoea as a result of that; but other kids were relatively unaffected by the water. Do you know what is remotely responsible for this? Other kids are used to the water and their immune system have become stronger and have built a form of defence against such attacks, but the story wasn't the same for my neighbour.

Real question; do you think we're actually physically stronger than our ancestors? When you have time, you can read this post

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