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For a possible discussion of account incubation based onboarding. Where users compete on a side chain by posting interesting things for a sponsored account on the main chain; can test hypotheses in experimental economics.

A development team making that could test side payments. Test coalitions. (Dozen papers in there.) Let's also test ways of dealing with a lemons market. Potential for that here.


If two users agree to collaborate, they can post jointly via implementation of a LINK SETTING in the side chain platform, increasing chances one will get the account.

Then if LINKED the account given to the winner is just the posting and active keys. And they must make an account for the second person, based on some split, which they agreed upon privately or publicly, sooner or later, and when the second player gets their account, and they click SATISFIED in the competitive interface they started with, the first winner gets the master key from the interface automatically.

Something like that, if it can be built.