Myth or Fact? #33 – Strawberries are Nuts!

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Welcome my dear Steemian friends to a new episode of Myth or Fact! A series in which we will show that some common beliefs are myths while others turn out to be true.

It's been a long time since the last Myth or Fact episode but here we are! Back with some new myths, we are about to bring some light into the dark.

Do you remember the last episode where we talked about bananas and found out they actually are berries and don't grow on trees? What if I tell you now that strawberries are no berries at all but nuts? Hold on for a second, at first I say bananas are berries and then strawberries are nuts?

Well Steemians what is your guess? Let's have a closer look!

Berries or nuts? Pseudo-Fruits

Fig.1 Different views on Strawberry   Source

In order to understand the nature of strawberries, we need to look at their botanical definition. They are considered as aggregate accessory fruits while true berries are defined by a fleshy fruit which is produced from a single ovary. This sounds more complicated than it is. Take a look a the following image of a strawberry. The red fruit flesh which is around the seed doesn't come from an ovary but derived from the receptacle, the swollen part of the stem. Technically the seeds on the surface are nuts.

Fig.2 Close-up on a Strawberry   Source

The same is also true for blackberries and raspberries. Both are botanically seen not berries but aggregate fruits. Although you now know that these kind of berries are nuts you might still not consider them as nuts. We tend to put things into categories because of certain similarities. Because strawberries share more in common with berries than nuts we still will call them berries after all. Weird isn't it?

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Thanks for reading this episode of Myth or Fact! If you enjoyed it feel free to resteem and leave a comment! I would love to know what you think about todays episode!

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Wow never knew about that before that strawberries are also nuts.....interesting

one of the berries went nuts lol

wonderfully detailed post...liked it...keep it up man...!

a nice post ; especially the work nut lol

I did not know that. Strawberries are the juiciest, sweetest nuts i've ever let spoil in the refrigerator!

Strawberries do spoil quick, don't they? I find that I have to eat them in a couple of days or they start looking dull and dried up. :(

LOL, reading the title, I thought, "Has Timsaid gone Nuts"!! 😅

Ohh @timsaid I love this myth or fact episode. In this case strawberry should have been strawnuts? That sounds crazy,haha

Strawnuts sounds nuts! But yes, that would be more accurate

Well, botanically speaking: nuts are classified as fruits.

Though some nuts we call nuts in everyday language are actually seeds like Brazil nuts, whom we call nuts but who are seeds. The hazelnut is a nut, but a nut is fruit.

And berries are fruit, but there are different from other fruits.

A berry is a fruit that grows from the ovary of a single flower.

Whereas a nut is a fruit that grows a hard shell and a seed .

There is also berries that can be nuts like the strawberry as mentioned here.

The general term, fruit, in botany, refers to a seed -bearing structure in flowering plants.

I love you and love your publications. You are my hero. I want to become like you. You are the strongest I will be happy and grateful to you for inviting me to admire my posts and share them on your page I love you hero

of all the nuts this one doesn't have a crunch

People who are not familiar with botany have developed their own stereotypes regarding various plant species. It is accepted to divide all plants into different groups according to certain external features. For example, nuts are something solid, with a shell, and berries are something juicy, soft, sweet and most likely red. But botanists look at plants from a completely different angle. For them, the nut and the berry are just the types of the fruit of the plants, which differ according to signs completely ignorant to ordinary people. And as a result, it turns out that strawberries have a type of fruit, which for a number of characteristics actually refers to nuts, not berries.

Totally agree with you, great summary. I guess in our daily life it would be better to call them berries unless you want people to look askance at you

wow , steemit is now teaching me stuff, loved your post

I'm nuts for strawberries... Great post


Politician And banks are nuts

It's a Fact!

They are a cancer, not a cure for it, too.

Wow that's really surprising and I feel good that I know it now through you post. Thanks for sharing :)

I think the problem is that the categorization is kinda broken.
Quite some time ago someone created a categorization about what a nut, vegetable or fruit is. Back then the knowledge about certain types of them was not that good so some things got into the wrong category. (Like people considered Strawberries fruits). But, today, instead of fixing those categorizations we put those species into groups they don't make sense at all.

Since often species which are very alike biologically often get into very different categories just because someone told us to a time ago.

Would be like categorizing pugs as apes because they are able to walk on two feet (at least while they're peeing).

There is so many myth, but the fact is when we actually find out with detail true. About the strawberry myth I mean what???......nicely written though.

Haha yesterday they told me tomato is actually a fruit. I wasn't ready for this new strawberry nut fact 🍓
But thank you (:

Hi, thanks for providing this clarification. Educational systems and supermarkets add to the mischaracterization of strawberries. It is with little wonder that the public at-large considers them a fruit.

Steemit is realy helping me this days because i do learn new things almost some new things per day .
Thank you for sharing this ... It really help

Whaaatt?! o.O Don't destroy my world please..

thank you collecting this informtation and producing it to this post. :)
Follow me @keks
Thank you

I believe you. Anything that can get stuck between the teeth are nuts... and that is not scientific! lol And bananas grow on plants, not trees. Did you know that a single banana plant produces only once and no more? I became a banana farmer by default when we first moved to the Philippines... had several plants in the yard.

Brace yourselves, the nut jokes are coming :)

who are all fan of "Straberry "
Hand haha

Oh, finally! Do you remember two months ago?
Looks like it was a very long day😉

Oh lord you made me laugh hard!!! I didn't expect it to take that long to be honest. So much happened recently. All this traveling made it more or less impossible to continue the work on Myth or Fact. But wow, good catch!

Thats incredible tim, just started following your page and looking forward to your posts, I am also into cryptocurrencies, and love science,.

Hi @timsaid, I enjoyed reading this post about Strawberries. You have changed my views on berries and now I'm going to change the views of many others. Eventually, when there is enough awareness created, we might start celebrating and organizing a Strawberry Festival. Joking.

By the way, I read somewhere that there used to be potato forests in China 200 years ago. Sounds mythical. :D

Keep posting man. It's fun reading your posts.

Steem On!

Hmmm, I strawberries as nuts ... I will try to wrap my melon around that @timsaid.

I am waiting for your post on whether or not tomatoes are a fruit or a vegetable ... ?

In the meantime I am cooking them :)

I cannut believe what I just read :P

haha :-)

I see what you did there!


After reading that pseudo fruit im going nuts haha !! @godgiver

I was surprised to know that strawberries are actually nuts. Your photography is very amazing. The closeup of strawberry looks succulent!

Didn't knew such interesting facts feel..... Thanks for sharing @timsaid!!

These particular post still keeps me wandering, I never make research to know that strawberries are nut. I have digest your article and I love it, am new on steemit but I will love to follow your legendary step!

im nuts about this strawberries nuts :D

I have heard that strawberries are aggregate fruits, but I had no idea that the seeds were technically nuts! Good stuff. RESTEEMED!

Concise, humorous, and fun..enjoyed very much

esa fresa se ve demasiado provocativa, y si tiene bayas mejor jejeje. saludos y gracias por compartir esta información.

doen't matter if you are nuts or you like nuts ;-) I just hope you like my new initiative .. and if you don't like it i will call the STEEM power ranger

I love this series :D

I am still left a little confused, lol
This is however my very first reading and introduction to your insightful Myth or Fact publications, so i probably would need to read a tad bit more to gain a better perspective and understanding of your approach to what seems to be very interesting topics :-).

My whole life has been a lie...

New knowledge!!!

How the hell do you get so much on your post ? I must know. Great job on this @timsaid. I will have to check out more.

@timsaid by looking at this myth, I'm feeling that one day when I log on to I'll get a news that steem dollars are now being printing & steem's branchless banking will start soon... and the author will be @timsaid:) lolz... your every episode/article gives us something that we never heard about earlier.. thank you for bringing good stuff for steemers ! Cheers ! :)

I also like this Myth and Fact episode. Thank you for sharing. But to me, strawberry is a fruit that I eat whenever I have a chance to eat. And I do not mind if it is a nut because I love them too.

Nice, i like it the your post, thanks

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nice nutty post :P

excellent post.mind blowing every where. I'v followed and upvote you. at least 1 upvote me

detail oriented.. upvoted

Hey buddy .. I agree with you in the case you have delivered..
But still we will call them berries not nuts...
As it happens to be common .
Lets be friends..

I don't know what makes what what. I do know that finding out a strawberry is actually classified closer to nuts blew my mind. Kudos.

Cool fun fact... I love all of these things! Tomato, botanically, a fruit, yes! In the culinary perspective it is used as a vegetable mostly (except for tomato jam yummm), while the melons are the opposite! Plant world is unique and plants within the same genera can offer us completely different things!

Myth or fact, we love your posts @timsaid

i'll just stick to calling them berries. Calling strawberries nuts sounds nuts

What if cat really spelled dog?

You're doing a good job by writing valuable posts. Myths and misconceptions have damaged the advancement to a great extent. However, I want to tell you my true feelings that you have got a very good sense of humor. So, keep it up man. :D

Wow. I really love this

Are they?

I don't eat strawberries much anyway. They taste weird.

Wow wonderfully . I really love this.........

soooo... if at some point blueberries turn out to be nuts also, can we call them Bluenuts? :}

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I remember a few years ago finding this out in my university botany class! Very interesting indeed!

Thank you . This is a very important subject I enjoyed

wonderfully post.... the detailed u given is awesome its amazing... i really liked it

Thanks for upvoting my just published post (well, the one before it) How I admire your 484 upvotes and much more the $257.84! I want a number, a $ like that in all my posts... :) Thanks for the information, I did not know about the contest and I love photography, that is why I invite all of you to visit my post because although most of them are in Spanish I share my photographs. Now I will have a look to that contest to see if I can participate... Keep in touch, my friend!

Thanks mate, New knowledge for me.

you explained the things quite nicely this was pretty cool to know :D

I remember having an argument with my dad about this after watching something that said most berries are nuts, I think it was QI?

Anyway, seems perception is more important than scientific definition.

It's funny curiosity, but it's useless for the majority of people to know this fact.

Nice post! And now I'm off to the store to get strawberries because your pictures made me hungry.

Nuts are fruit. Strawberry is a fruit, so my answer will be maybe.

strawberries are very good fruits and also help you to have better health, for example on the skin, good digestion prevents esophagus cancer, are excellent moisturizers because of the high nutrient content they possess, and also helps people with cardiovascular problems such as; helps prevent varicose veins, excellent article @timsaid

I love strawberry and banana most. wonderful article that is really worth reading. I have upvoted and followed you. I expect one upvote from you. @timsaid

very informative

This post was very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote plus a resteem

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I really like your post. Nice!

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My childhood knowledge has just been altered. I need to find that person that once told me that strawberries are berries.
Thanks for sharing

So girls like strawberries

thank you for this information is very importante

My whole life has been nothing but a huge lie!!

Hmm weird enough

Each berry, every fruit has its own meaning of life! Every plant has a soul! Here for philosophy there are no borders! Thank you for the wonderful post!

Lol. Very interesting post but anycase I like strawberry very much, so do not carry so much about what it is

or that good information did not know about that.

wonderfully detailed post...liked it...keep it up man.

They cure cancer and taste delicious in mead. What else could you ask for in a food?!

@timsaid. This is a surprise. Thanks for this.

Very informative! Thanks for the info...

Ya'll are nuts for reading this lol.

great blog very informative information

Haha. And tomatoes are potatoes. I invite you to see my photo.

I thought tomatoes were a fruit! Potatoes are a vegetable.

Nice , good job and continue