A bio-electro-microprocessor would be discovered in 10 years time

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One thing about Science is that it is always moving, always on the march forward. Whatever spot you find it today, by tomorrow, it would have made another step forward, many times, a gigantic step.

In the area of music, one can recall the gramophone that needed neither battery nor electricity. Just wind it, and it gets power to supply music.

The radio cassette came as a wonder thereafter. Before you knew it, CD plates made a spectacular entry. Now, Mp's and chips have taken over. It is the same story in almost all spheres of life.

But, in the field of health which is the focus of this writeup, we are looking at a fantastic discovery in the next ten years. Life is going to be available for grabs. Not only will people have the chance to live very long, they will live it effortlessly, bothering on miraculous. Medicare will begin to shift emphasis from mere chemicals to an artificial inbuilt organ system.

This is because a microprocessor will be produced which will revolutionise the life of man. It will constitute an organ in the body that will link, and coordinate all other organs, including the brain for the overall boosting of health.

By the way, this processor is a replica of extraterrestrial one found in the body of an alien from outer space by Japanese scientists. The alien would have been first, captured by an enterprising African hunter around a tunnel in a lonely forest.

This processor which the body will not reject as a foreign body will even boast the thinking faculty of the brain such that one can forecast future events with a good measure of accuracy.

In addition, it will give the body extra libido and ability to gain more energy per calorie unit. Invariably, the body system will become extra-economical in nutrients utilization in such a way that you need only a very small amount of food to carry on for many days.

That's not all! Our optical nervous system will be boosted to see in the dark thus, man becomes both diurnal and nocturnal.

Most important of all is the conferment of all-round immunity to the body. Man's immune system will be energized to the extent that injuries, including those from fatal accidents will heal in a matter of days without a scar. Even, all the current diseases bedevilling man like cancer and AIDS, will become insignificant issues.

With the successful duplication and transplanting of this bio-eclectro-microprocessor, mankind would find a saviour. However, the problem would be its availability and affordability. This is because, the cost of producing a unit of it will be so high that only 1% of the total world population can afford it.

How would it go round? The UNO would have to step in to moderate the production of this saviour microprocessor because, it is not fair that only the very stupendous rich ones could afford a life that is akin to immortality in the midst of an overwhelming multitude of helpless individuals whose only "fault" is that they are not swimming in money.

One hopes the world would be able to manage this breakthrough.


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