medician is it good or bad for us

in #sciencelast year

In ancient time medicine was made from plants, animals or minerals, or more commonly known as Homeopathic medicine. This type of medicine is known to be safe or less harmful. They don’t carry any side effects. As for weather they work or not, no real scientific good quality test has been made. Ironically, the guys that do these kinds of test are scientist who promote Modern Medicine.

That brings us to Modern Medicine. What is modern medicine and what is it made of? Although, some Modern Medicine are made from a variety of substances found in nature, and even extracted from plants. They are chemically enhanced. These medicines are made in labs. Others are mixing with several chemicals. Moreover, they are a lot more harmful than Homeopathic medicine. They carry side effects and at a later stage in life can cause more complications. Modern Medicine also is a short team fix.
So why do people still opt for Modern Medicine compared to Homeopathic medicine? . Well huge companies make billion of dollars and they promote it so well people have become brain washed in believing that Modern Medicine is best for you.
Well in todays time a new healing power is becoming more common. The healing from the brain or mental healing. This is the most destructive form of healing (in my opinion) . As far as I am concern, if someone can remove illness in this manner, then so to can they create illness and may leave another illness behind. I illness of manipulation.

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