Scientists in search of life on another earth!

in #scientist3 years ago

There is no end to human speculation about the solar system. Research has been going on long before. Scientists have found a new planet in the shape of Earth This planet is only 20% larger than our world. But its density from Earth is two and a half times higher.

The newly discovered planet is not yet named, but it has been labeled as K2-229B. Located 260 million light-years away from Earth, this planet is traveling around a left star. During the day, the planet's temperature reaches 2000 degrees Celsius. As far as the Earth is located from the Sun, compared to its star 100 times, the planet is moving around the star. This planet navigates around the stars once every 14 hours.

Scientists have said that there are plenty of metal materials on this planet. Like the Earth in the form of the Earth, so much so close to the stars, the planet has many similarities to the Solar System Mercury. Now scientists are trying to find life there!

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