NextColony is too quiet. It needs to be a bit intense.

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@rivalzzz's biggest battle

I have lost many planets due to @rivalzzz. Now it takes two days to explore.


He first explored from near my planet.
I warned rivalzzz not to invade my exploration area. He then negotiated with him and decided to negotiate.
Later, he lost many planets and he crossed the line.


Red: rivalzzz

blue: backjungmin

It would have been nice if I attacked a little faster, but it was my judgment.
But I do not regret it. The game should be fun






Then I started the battle. It is a good achievement, but it is a pity that we have missed a bigger unit.


The finale of my battle plan remained, but he is moving the entire ship to another location.
It is likely that it received the planet for @TUFKAT, the same uranium future guild.

He would have suffered more if he continued fighting me. I'm sure.


Planet name: AklonUC1Earth
Coordinates: 182/202
(Interactive Map/NextColony Map)
Last action: 26-07-2019 10:18:03

He still has a ship here. I will go to the final finish.


Finally(@fur2002ks-It's your turn now)

I always take the challenge. I'll be ready.


You have, will have, my planet "BillsHouse" @ 1,410 under Siege. These forces are heading to attack sooflauschig. It would be helpful if you let them go. I have an ax to grind with him and I will help if you let me.

Nice Firework!

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Holy crap ! Fur2002ks suffered a lot. I will check fur2002ks in my region as it is exploring a little too close now
POWERNAP aka Goldrooster ! DELTA-CLAN forever

May I ask why you attacked me last night again? I've never attacked you. You attacked me also long long before your twist with @rivalzzz started, when I'd found my first planet near your area.

And of course, I've granted him and his fleet asylum.

I just enjoy playing games. It's a federation like @rivalzzz and it does not help him?
You have a strong power. So I am preparing to prevent big damage in the future

I still see your conflict as a conflict between two people, not between our two clans. I will contact you in Discord, maybe we will find a solution for a peaceful coexistence on clan level. Personally, I am not planning any revenge action, even if we had the necessary ships. That would unnecessarily weaken us in other places. Have a nice day!

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