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RE: 인생은 생각대로 가지 않는다.

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[Steem=Scam] Steem Lie and Deceive Users.

Evidence : The above @gtg and @smooth comments are downvoted by more accounts,

(if anyone know and write the accounts in reply, the first come right answers will be upvoted. )

but Steem Lies and Deceives Users by Hiding such downvotes and not hide such deep negative reward comments

(at that time I write. Now? It might be changed by later more upvotes after that)

Steem is being manipulated by ninja-mined witnesses and their slave developers.

Are your Money in Such Scam Steem Wallet Safe? Are such con Ninja Witnesses Reliable ?

They are Financial Criminals.

They will be punished by FBI or any countries police.
Who are they? and Steem Ninja-mined major witnesses and their developer Slaves.


(CopyLeft. Anyone can copy-paste and spread this writing by showing its origin. No modification allowed. )


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