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RE: Do you think Palnet "holds no value" and disagree with minnowsupport bot?

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Thx for explaining. I wasnt sure what SCT did so i did not downvote those posts. But i will have to do it now.

Minnowsupport, as far as i know doesnt need to be payed for. It simply provides support to anyone.

SCT from what you said here is basically vote selling, even though it seems you avoided saying that "Sct votes are purchased votes".


It seems that you really do not know what this is.


Sct.voter takes SCT (steemcoinpan token)

Minnowsupport takes PAL (palnet token)

They are exactly the same, except the symbol.

Have no idea why you assume that minnowsupport does not need to be payed for.

Feel free to downvote, but apply the same rule for palnet then.

Doesnt matter really. I remember minnowsupport being free to use.
If they take pal tokens that are purchasable on the market then ill flag them as well.

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They discontinued the free Discord pal voting bot.. More likely to be abused they said ( as I don't see the difference why you would only downvote pal bot if it was a paid-for bot.. I thought the point about hating on vote bots was because they can vote on crap and give it unfair promotion and rewards? Free bots can do that too..)

Not that I agree at all with this 'movement' though - posts should be (down)voted based on their content and a disagreement with the rewards that content is earning, not just because it got a bot vote.

Your blindly downvoting on content, a bot blindly votes on content .. how are these different? Rescuing some rewards and putting them back in the reward pool? By doing the same thing (blind voting) that you detest?

I'd just feel so much better if you actually read the content before judging, and then ask yourself "would I vote on this?" and if so then I don't think buying a vote from a bot should be so wrong.

If however you wouldn't vote on the content and it was bid on by a bot, that deserves a downvote no doubt as there's nothing to justify the bot's vote.