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RE: Do you think Palnet "holds no value" and disagree with minnowsupport bot?

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Can they not warn you prior the downvote about what you need to avoid? Did they at least try to reach SCT and tell them about their new policy? Is this how New Steem deal with abuses, surprise attacks small accounts and communities and want them to abandon something they have invested their money, time and effort in? Is downvote the only cure to abuses? Is this not borderlining into bullying and power tripping? I probably missed a lot of communications or there are no proper communications.

Can they not do better than this?


I used bidbots because that was a way for me to invest in Steem and that was how I grew my account without any whale support or attention. I am not saying bidbots are not abusive, but not everyone abused Steemit via bidbots. As far as I am concerned I only withdrew significant amount of SBD/Steem once, back when I was starting 30 SBD when it was worth 7 USD each. Just to prove that Steemit was not scam. I bidbot not to game the system and make me earn, I bidbot to grow my account and help make my community of plankton that less people cared. Then lately, I have just been surprised with downvotes. I stopped sending bids because I actually understand how they want to fix the bidbot abuse and I appreciate that. But you know, tagging you as an abuser, downvoting you suddenly without any warning coming from an authority... I guess that is not what I expected.

Removing a total of $2 is not saying it is abuse. It is only stating that in one opinion it is over valued.

I've used bots too. Doesn't mean a mildly interesting post should be on trending with a a $27 purchased blind vote. :)

I rarely make a comment because it's most often misunderstood, based on some past experience and the many things I see around. But for this issue, I really think more communications must be made than have this no warning flag spree. I appreciate what you guys do for Steemit, I do. But not everyone will take those flags like I do and I cannot blame them. No benefit of the doubt given. No warning. You have a good goal. But to those people who do not know what you are fighting for, worst that they can conclude is that these people are just happy to flag. Many ways to communicate a warning, leave a comment, make a post and tag suspects, this is what I suggest. I don't know much about these new movements, do people earn when they flag?

The way it works is you each of us has stake to vote with.

A post is open for 7 days. People can upvote, ignore or downvote with their stake.

No explanation is required. The post I downvoted was worth about $60 when I downvoted it. I left a polite explanation.

My downvote with the combination of the 2 accounts equal less than $2 in fact, now that I think about it, I didn't even hit it with the larger account. I only hit with like .30 cents. :) So, this is a pretty silly over reaction.

I didn't call it abuse and I wasn't rude. I explained why I think it is over-valued. I don't hate the bidbots and I have nothing personal against the OP or the person I downvoted.

I also do not mind you asking how it works, and no one earns for downvoting, it can return rewards to the entire pool.

That was actually nice of you. I have not seen the said thread but knowing you left a reason made it better than the scenario I have in mind. But if I had that drive to correct someone here then I would spare the downvote first and make sure they know what's up because who knows they know nothing. In an analogy, for example, if I was out there in a public place and someone offended me, I would actually tell them I am offended by what they did. In my perception which is probably not same as theirs, I am offended. So, I would probably get to hear the person why they did something that got me offended. I would not slap them and tell them that was for being offensive and expect them to change and we both know peace.

I'd rather have Steemit corrected from abuses than be destroyed by it, no doubt about it but is this the better or best way to get there? Instant flags? Perma flags?

Those are all I have to say. I am glad there is an effort to make Steemit better and some people are proactive about it. It's just my 2 cents and probably my last effort on the flagging abuse issue. I hope I made a tiny point. Thanks for the attention.

mermaidvampire, would you also expect to have a comment why somebody upvoted your post?

Why would I explain every downvote and not every upvote? Have you ever noticed how no one ever says...

So and so upvoted my post and didn't even tell me why. :) Downvotes are a normal part of the system and in order for curation to work we need to normalize them.

If we can not downvote, we will have to stop doing author rewards entirely, some are already for this, there is just too much abuse and shit posting for no other reason than to get rewards.

There is this account camillesteemer that downvotes random people for no reason and it has pissed people off. The SP and downvote of course is 0 but it puzzles you when you get that downvote of him or her. That's probably the kind of culture we are heading for and I guess I will rest my case here and just deal with it, you say.

Yeah, I get downvoted often. Coininstant and the account you mentioned as well. sometimes even from some accounts that have a nice amount of stake.

Both upvotes and downvotes are valid. I just accept the votes and move in. I consider a post open for people to express their opinion on for 7 days and the rewards become mine when the post closes.

Sadly some have behaved so childishly over some downvotes they have trained the entire community that downvotes are punishments or bad, when really all it is a a way to raise the value up or down using stake. :)

I think it will settle down as people understand they are a normal part of curation. If we can't normalize them I honestly think Steem will fail.

So it is mildly interesting to you so you downvote.

May I assume that you would not complain when you get downvote for that reason?

You can assume I don't complain when I get upvotes or downvotes.

They work the same way. Posts are open for 7 days, people can upvote or downvote for any reason during that time.

I didn't downvote the post for how interesting it was or wasn't it is over rewarded out of the Steem rewards and I find the idea the vote was paid for with SCT devalues Steem. It's just an opinion expressed with my dv.

Thank you for your opinion. I don't really know what new steem movement is, but hope such downvotes are not one of the movement.

Well, it's a good idea in theory and hopefully soon in practice. New Steem is something I like and I want to happen because that actually is a sign that Steemit Inc still cares to make Steemit better. I can only share 1 very nice material to you, just try to get to the recent posts of exyle, there is one recent post where he makes a comparison of the new steem and old steem and why new steem is better. I like it, it convinced me about the new steem and I know exyle to be straightforward and clear about his ideas, opinions and thoughts. Very nice read.

I mean, I obviously like and appreciate new steem but this practice of "join us downvote and surprise small users with flags" is something dreadful in my opinion because anyone can and should warn people or at least tell them what's new. I mean it's possible to do that first, why ain't anyone doing that?