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RE: Do you think Palnet "holds no value" and disagree with minnowsupport bot?

in #sct2 years ago

I understand why they have the downvoting system and agree it needs to exist.

But I believe people should be getting taught or informed what they have done before just receiving a downvote!

In instances like this, I don't understand why the downvoters go after the people learning the ropes instead of taking on the bot owners, if enough people felt as strongly as they did, surely the bot owners would listen?

The downvoters are saying their actions are to improve steem, and I understand they're trying to protect the reward pool. But, I believe their current actions will actually do more damage to the number of users on steem, surely there is a better way... That's just my opinion, time will tell.


Thank you for the opinion. I completely agree that they should talk to bot operators first.

My guess is that these bots are usually owned/operated by "powerful" guys so downvoters do not want to face them.

It was impossible to really talk to the bot owners; and you can't downvote them as long as they only sell votes but don't post. Besides that, they are exactly the greedy people that are hard to talk to.

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