@proxy.token Witness Report - 5/jul/2019

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This is Tom. I am managing @proxy.token which is the delegated authority of the proxy holder
Currently the witness node ranking is up to 58. Its rank is 69 ten days ago. There are errors after starting node. The reason maybe come from the CRON setting. Currently, block generation and ticker feed operations are performed about every two hours. Time is related to witness rankings.

Witness node record

Blocks generated during the last 10 days: 142.28 SP
Recent quote time: 2019-07-05, 17:00
Miss Block: 0

Witness server specifications and operations

CPU: 12cores(Intel® Xeon® E-2176G Hexa-Core)
SSD: 960GB
Running Node version : 0.20.10
1Gbit/s network

Witness setting experience

In fact, when steemcoinpan operations team request to run witnesses, selected me because of Linux experience.
RAM requirement is at least 64G, so I would install it in several types of M4 ~ R5 in the familiar AWS Virginia region for the first time, and the cost per instance would be between $ 585 and $ 660 at least. As a recommendation of @ayogom, moving to privex.io and install AWS, We are able to reduce about 1/4 cost.
privex.io is a hosting company. If you request a different instance type than aws and google, you manually set up the instance and inform you of the connection information. The first message from privex went to spam, I found that there was no response after payment. There are many node installation guides, but I think the url below is the easiest
If you install it manually, you will have 1-2 day settings, but in our case it took 4 days to unpack and replay on the node that I set in aws for the first time.
From the logs of the current node, I see that cpu core is rarely used and RAM is almost 8-90% used. I would like to reduce the cpu and increase the ram, but it seems like it is not a built-in server. I would like to thank @ayogom and @clayop for giving me a lot of help in setting up the node.

Please support by @ proxy.token witness vote.

@ proxy.token should start a preliminary witness, build experience, build trust from the community and fellow witnesses.
In addition, the enthusiastic participation of the Steemit Community and the Steemcoinpan should be witnessed and pushed forward as a whole. So please encourage and support.

  • Join @ proxy.token Witness Vote
  • Search for @ proxy.token at https://steemit.com/~witnesses, or type "@ proxy.token" in the manual page and click on Voting.
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