Cobinhood collapse?

in #sct2 years ago

COBINHOOD has confirmed that the company has submitted a “closed application” in the morning (May 20th) and has been dealing with staff assignments with lawyers.

Today we get this pinned message in Telegram:

So utilizing information wei-ning gave us today:
Cobx is secure and dexon is secure
The companies have been dissolved
They're now both parts of blocktopia
Popo fired all Taiwan employees
A new smaller team will take over
Everything will operate as usual
Airdrop should still happen

Added information from cobx charts and hsuan:
Dxn nodes when unstaked need 24 hours for coins to be moved, the team could not have dumped. Only 37k dxn was sold to cause the dip from .12-.02

So how about you? will you sell COB or buy the dip?